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Name:    Leana Sharinda Snowkitten
(Pronounced Lee-ANN-a)

Eye colour:    Blue

Height:    5' 8"

Description:    Leana is a female snowkitten, near identical to her twin brother Eliki, with the same white fur, black ears and black stripe between her eyes. She has a large blue tinted fluffy tail, and blue tinted spiky hair that is about halfway down her back. She has bracelets and a special necklace. (To see a picture of Leana at her eighteenth birthday ceremony where she recieved her snowkitten jewellery, click here)

Depending on her mood, Leana either wears brightly coloured clothes or gothic outfits, and she is of quite slim build. She is much more outgoing and confident than her brother, and more often than not is cheerful and optimistic. She likes to tease Eliki, but never does so in a cruel way. She shares his creative streak, and daydreams a lot. Leana works in a bookshop called The Bookshelf which sells second hand books and is owned by Kalia (a snow leopard).

Snowkittens are rare, but snowkitten twins are unheard of. The downside of this unique occurrence is that the majority of Eliki's snowkitten powers went to Leana instead. In fact, it did not just merely double her powers, as might have been expected... The full extent of Leana's power is not yet known, and truth be told, it sometimes scares her.

With such power comes a lot of responsibility, and Leana is very protective of her friends, and especially of Eliki (who for the record is not resentful) Leana also shares a very special friendship with Andrina after they met at school and Leana helped her through some bad times.

This page was last updated on 18th July 2007