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Please note, I take no responsiblity for the contents of the sites listed below. If you want to link to my site, there are some link banners above and if you have a site you'd like me to link to, let me know!

Furry websites
Ordinary Life Catena The Jungle House Of LSD BDK Furbid furry auctions online Mynarski Forest Ozfoxes Michele Light Sabrina Online Dan And Mabs Furry Adventures

Ents & Tails - Furry home page from Entei-rah, the creator of Thank U Stars with all sorts of goodies including writing, some pictures and a big scary furvey!
J3T Fuel - Furry site from the creator of House Of LSD.
Jay Naylor - Lots and lots of luvverly furry art, especially his kitty pics.
Lackadaisy Cats - Webcomic, very nicely drawn and a great read all round!

Websites about cats

Cats Protection - Official site for the Cats Protection charity.
The Cat Gallery - Cat goodies specialist shop in York!

Comics, cartoons and suppliers

Ozy and Millie - Really cute online cartoon strip.
Page 45 - Surely the best comic retailer in the UK!
Radio Comix - Publishers of loads of manga and furry comics.
Strangehaven - Set in England, has been compared to Twin Peaks, but that really doesn't do it justice.
United Publications - UKs best source for furry comics, etc.

This page was last updated on 20th March 2013