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Name:    Jarret Shaylanii Snowkitten
(Pronounced to rhyme with carrot. ;) Clan name pronounced Shay-larn-ee)

Eye colour:    Green

Height:    6' 2"

Description:    Jarret is a tall, athletically muscled snowkitten who favours gothic clothes. His fur is mostly black, except for white fur on his muzzle which runs down his neck and over his chest. He also has a brown tail, and wears his long black and red hair in a ponytail, usually. Unlike most snowkittens he takes little part in the customs and traditions, and also does not wear the traditional bracelets.

Jarret is proud and sometimes arrogant. With the exception of Leana, he and his twin sister Ailee are among the most powerful snowkittens. It is unclear exactly what his motives are at any time, or what it is that drives him, but he is extremely clever and manipulative. He is also slightly unstable, which makes him a dangerous cat to cross - his sister acts as a calming or balancing force. He is also immensely displeased that Leana could 'kick his butt' if need be. He is highly trained in the art of using swords and knives, as well as many kinds of firearms.

This page was last updated on 18th July 2007