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Name Nicky "Eliki" Rowe
Date of birth Some time ago.
Where I live Slap bang in the middle of the UK, in Halesowen, West Midlands. (9 miles west of Birmingham) An area not really brimming with furries, though there are a couple around. Of course if anyone wants to correct me, feel free to email me but for reasons outlined further on, please don't assume I am able and willing to meet up.
Furry species Snowkitten! I have been fascinated by furry since 1994 or so. More info and a picture of Eliki can be found here and there are quite a few pictures among the furry art pages.
Hobbies Furry art, painting, drawing, music (see below) romantic manga such as Oh My Goddess, messing around with computer graphics and websites such as this one, writing, fortune telling with playing cards and dream analysis.
Music A huge range of stuff. Mostly anything that is imaginative and has genuine emotion and feeling. But if I had to narrow it down to a few favourites then that would have to include No-man, Talk Talk, Blue Nile, Marillion, Enigma, Depeche Mode, Crowded House, Blue October, Iris and Echo Image.
Short and snappy I am very shy, I get nervous very quickly and have seriously crappy panic attacks. (The main reasons why meeting up with other people is seriously difficult) I have a romantic streak which, combined with a fairly idealised view of how the world should be, means I have a strange mix of optimism and disappointment about today's world, though mostly optimism. I love making new friends, mostly online, and am very patient and a good listener.

I get hurt easily so it can take a while to gain my trust. Abuse it and lose it and you won't get it back. Gain it and you'll have a friend for life. I love being creative and can usually juggle 2 or 3 projects at a time. I collect and often wear a lot of new age bracelets and other stuff.

Things I like Being creative, my friends, beanies, music, exploring new places, discovering and learning new things, furry, comics, icecream, cola cubes, M&Ms, York.
Things I don't like Celery, wholemeal bread, (clean the bath with it instead) narrow minded people, bigots, fascists, hypocrites, liars, politicians, (amazing how those 3 so nicely follow each other isn't it?) smoking, boozing, chavs, Lads, Ladettes, noise, violence, surreal weird stuff, blood and gore, trendyspeak, Managerspeak, cliques, so-called Political Correctness, brown Y-fronts with the cream piping.
And who is Leana? Ahh... the million dollar question. Leana is the twin sister to Eliki, also a snowkitten, and they're pretty much one and the same - aside from certain obvious physical differences and longer hair, Leana is much more confident and outgoing than Eliki. She has helped him through some pretty difficult times on more than one occasion, and she means the world to him. (even if she can be very mischievous sometimes) Her likes and dislikes, etc, are pretty much the same as the ones I've listed above. If you want to find out more about Leana you can also take a read of her snowkitten profile!

This page was last updated on 15th August 2015