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Snowkittens - The Basics

The seven snowkittens (and a few of the other characters)�who have been profiled within these pages all live in a small town called Phoenixbrook, located in their homeland, Aredria. Much of Phoenixbrook resembles the English city of York, full of historic old buildings and castle walls. It is also famous for its huge suspension bridge spanning the Phoenix river.

I have, after goodness knows how many years, began to write a story about the snowkittens as well as Phoenixbrook and other inhabitants, and the many strange things that happen in Aredria. As such, these pages will change and expand as more of the story ideas settle properly into place. Of course, to avoid spoiling the story, there are things I can't put on here yet, but I can give an outline of what snowkittens are.

Snowkittens are rare and magical kitties, rarely seen or born outside of Aredria. It is a small but beautiful country to which snowkittens are the 'natural inhabitants' and it is also home to many strange supernatural phenomenon. Many other races and customs occupy Aredria making it a hugely diverse, colourful and wonderful place, and the markets are famous worldwide for the sheer vast range of items available.

The country's inhabitants hold snowkittens in high regard, especially as their numbers have dwindled so much in the last century. The snowkittens' powers are little understood, ranging from mind tricks to telekinesis, healing to limited weather control. The extent of these abilities vary massively from one snowkitten to the next, but they also make them highly valued.

And feared...

Not all snowkittens have used these rare skills to help, although many have done so because it is dictated by their traditions, customs and beliefs. It is also extremely hard to harm or kill a snowkitten, as they have very powerful self-healing abilities. (An example of this is that a snowkitten could walk unharmed through intense flames.) Maybe it also needs to be mentioned that it is possible for a snowkitten to harm or kill another snowkitten.

Aside from that, you can find out a bit more about Eliki, his sister and a few other snowkittens from Phoenixbrook, by visiting the profile pages and you can find out a little about how their beliefs are tied in with the jewellery they wear.

This page was last updated on 15th August 2015