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Name:    Keryan Shaylanii Snowkitten
(Pronounced Kerr-ee-ann. Clan name pronounced Shay-larn-ee)

Eye colour:    Blue

Height:    5' 7"

Description:    Keryan was born to Ailee and Eliki a little under 6 years before the story starts. The parent's contrasting fur colours is the reason behind Keryan's own unusual fur colouring and markings. However, by the time of the little snowkitten's birth, the relationship between Ailee and Eliki had ended, though fortunately on reasonabley good terms. (The choice of clan name, the same as Ailee and Jarret was very much at Ailee's insistence, and isn't something Eliki was too happy about, at least not at the time.)

The parents settled on a custody system where Keryan would spend two weeks with Ailee at The Burrow, then two weeks with Eliki at the house he shares with his twin sister, Leana. Keryan loves both parents a great deal and enjoys staying at the different places, effectively having two homes, and seeing different parts of the city every few weeks. It brings with it a change of scene and a chance to hassle for gifts.

Keryan is bright and bubbly, always happy and looking on the bright side, always full of imaginative and bizarre explanations for why things happen, and always exploring and discovering new things. She is constantly full of energy, questions, and mischief. Even at six years old, her snowkitten powers are extremely strong - something that has not escaped Jarret's attention... That aside, even he has to admit to being extremely fond of her, as well as highly protective, which tends to be the attitude shared by many of the people she meets.

When she was three, Keryan met a grey furred, very shy little bunny called Matthew, and she effectively took him under her wing, deciding then and there that he would be her "bestest friend." She has already decided the two of them are going to be married "and that's that" and she has also set her heart on being a dancer and working in the theatre. With her stubborn and determined attitude, it will probably come to pass.

This page was last updated on 18th July 2007