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Name:    Ailee Shaylanii Snowkitten
(Pronounced Ay-EYE-lee. Clan name pronounced Shay-larn-ee)

Eye colour:    Blue

Height:    5' 9"

Description:    Ailee is a female snowkitten, of slim build and light brown fur, with a brown tail. She has very long black and red hair, of which she is particularly proud, and she wears gothic clothes with lots of bracelets.

Ailee and her twin brother Jarret are among the more powerful of the snowkittens. Much like Jarret, she is very manipulative and clever, covering her tracks and intentions well, and it is rarely clear what she is thinking or planning. Ailee considers herself to be Leana's rival, though Leana finds this amusing and has no wish to be anyone's rival. However, Ailee does get on pretty well with Eliki.

She is infinitely more patient than Jarret, and has none of his pretensions. She is also able to act as a kind of calming influence on Jarret, sometimes, and this is just as well... Ailee also has a daughter called Keryan who she loves dearly, and the father was Eliki. See Keryan's profile for more information.

This page was last updated on 18th July 2007