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Name:    Eliki Sharinda Snowkitten
(Pronounced Ell-ee-kee)

Eye colour:    Blue

Height:    5' 8"

Description:    Eliki is a male snowkitten, with white fur all over except for his black ears and a black stripe between his eyes. His large fluffy tail is tinted light blue, as is his shoulder length spiky hair. Eliki is of slim build, and often wears jeans with brightly coloured T-shirts and assorted bracelets.

Eliki is very shy and nervous, and although optimistic the stress tires him out quickly. He loves to make friends and, despite his shyness, he can ramble on for ages about things he is interested in. He is also a very good listener and extremely patient. Eliki is rarely happier than when he is being creative, with his dream in life being to one day make a living from his paintings, or teaching art at a college. Eliki is also a notorious daydreamer.

One of many reasons for his nervousness is that his snowkitten powers are nowhere near as strong as they should be. (The reason for this is explained on Leana's profile.) This tends to be a problem because snowkittens rely instinctively on these special abilities. Luckily his twin sister Leana knows this all too well, and is very protective of him, which helps. Eliki can also concentrate his powers through his snowkitten bracelet which helps to magnify the effects to a certain extent. He works part-time on Andrina's market stall selling home-made jewellery. Eliki also has a daughter called Keryan whose mother is Ailee. See Keryan's profile for more information.

This page was last updated on 18th July 2007