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Snowkitten Jewellery

The jewellery worn by snowkittens, or at least by those who still follow the snowkitten's traditions, is very significant to them. The bracelets, much like charm bracelets, are often built up of a myriad of different gemstones, charms and other bits and pieces. During their childhood, they gather these various components and these are kept safe by the parents. As the child approaches their 18th birthday, the parents sift through the various collected items, putting together the bracelet from the best or most important pieces, and it is then presented to the snowkitten when they turn eighteen.

The belief is that the bracelet will protect the child in adult life, and often the individual pieces have special meanings or memories for the child. It is considered very bad luck to lose the bracelet, and missing pieces have to be replaced quickly. Bracelet parts are strictly not meant to be swapped.

Female snowkittens also receive a special necklace on their eighteenth birthday, consisting of one special item chosen by the girl at some point during her childhood. According to tradition, the necklace is known as a heart shield, and as with the bracelet it is meant to protect the snowkitten, and give her strength and bravery.

Unsurprisingly then, the snowkittens eighteenth birthday is very important to them. The whole family is expected to be there during the short presentation ceremony. Part of the ceremony involves the snowkitten using its powers to seal a small amount of their energy into the bracelet. (and the necklace, if it is a female snowkitten) The reasoning behind this is that it helps the protective power of the jewellery. (Eliki in fact can use his bracelet to enhance his more limited snowkitten powers. See his profile and Leanas profile for a more detailed explanation about his reduced powers.)

This page was last updated on 15th August 2015