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Name:    Koreen Sharinda Snowkitten
(Pronounced Core-een)

Eye colour:    Blue

Height:    6' 0"

Description:    Koreen is a female snowkitten of average build, and is mother to Eliki and Leana. She looks very much like her daughter, sporting the blue hair and tail, as well as the black stripe between her eyes. Her hair, however, is much more wavy and curlier than Leana's spiky locks.

While at college, Koreen formed a synthpop band called Nightlights, in which she played synthesizers. Originally it wasn't a serious project, but with encouragement from fans and friends, they decided to try gaining a record deal. That was put on hold for a time when she gave birth to the twins at eighteen, but once they had started school, the band began contacting record companies again in earnest. Nightlights were finally signed eight years after they originally formed, and though the band has never enjoyed phenomenal global success, they have a big cult following nonetheless.

Koreen loves to play live and is regarded as one of Venuvia's most accomplished keyboardists. She still feels guilty about moving to Ritore, (it was easier for the band as a whole if they all lived in the same area) leaving the twins behind in Phoenixbrook. They didn't want to leave their home, but since they were in their early twenties, Koreen respected that and knew they would be okay on their own. The twins supported her fully in her decision. She left them the house that previously belonged to her mother, knowing they would take good care of it. When her busy schedule allows, she visits them and Leana goes to visit her when she can. (Eliki is unable to travel that distance) Koreen can be bossy and pushy, and somewhat abrupt, but she is also very friendly, and is very protective of friends and family.

(Incidentally, the twin's father was Koreen's long-term boyfriend, a snowkitten called Tyrell. However, when the twins were two years old, he left Koreen and moved many miles away to Mosternal, for reasons Koreen has never discussed. The twins do not have any contact with him at all.)

This page was last updated on 18th July 2007