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Name:    Andrina Kvaarii Snowkitten
(Pronounced Ann-dree-NA. Her clan name is pronounced Kur-varr-ee)

Eye colour:    Blue

Height:    6' 0"

Description:    Andrina is a female snowkitten. She is giggly and flirty, of fairly slim build, (though her weight tends to go up and down like a yo-yo) and loves wearing all sorts of different bracelets and vividly coloured clothes. As with many snowkittens, she has mostly white fur, except for her black ears and a black stripe between her eyes. She also has a large fluffy tail, and red and yellow hair. She owns a market stall in Phoenixbrook selling the jewellery which she makes herself. Eliki sometimes helps out on the stall part-time.

The majority of Andrina's powers seem to have manifested in an ability to conjure and control water. It would be a mistake to think of her as an airhead, though sometimes this is an attitude that comes across. She is very bright, and loves to read. Andrina was badly bullied at school, and Leana helped her through it. Since then, they have been best friends - some would say more than just friends. Outwardly outgoing, in reality she is quite timid, but she uses her natural flirty behaviour to counteract this.

This page was last updated on 18th July 2007