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td valign="top"> Added the next chapter to my story - Book 2 Chapter 10.
15th August 2014 Decided, after giving it many great and incredible thinks, to remove my Snowkitten story from the website. Writing the story one chapter at a time was causing no end of problems with editing earlier chapters, due to having to edit the story in several online places each time I edited the main DOC files. So I'm removing the story until it's completely finished, whenever that might be!
1st February 2014 After yet another hefty gap, I've completed and uploaded the next snowkitten story chapter, (book 2 chapter 19). Hopefully the next one will be along a lot sooner!
20th March 2013 After nearly 2 years I finally managed to finish and upload the next snowkitten story chapter, (book 2 chapter 18).
5th March 2013 And after a very long gap, due to a family tragedy, I've finally felt able to update the website. Too many new uploads to mention, but check the furry art pages to find the new and not-so-new artwork, in both the standard and mature rated galleries. I also trimmed down a lot of stuff from the Writing pages and removed a bunch of profiles from the various profile pages.
23rd August 2011 Huge (long overdue) update of the galleries, both ordinary and mature rated.
26th July 2011 Uploaded the next chapter of the Snowkitten story - book 2 chapter 17.
4th March 2011 Uploaded a total of 13 new pictures, so rather than list them all here, it would be better to just go take a peep on the main artwork pages. :)
13th January 2011 Two new pictures uploaded to the main gallery:-
* Candy Raver Leana
* You Sir Are So Slicable!
And a new 'mature' rated pics:-
* You Ain't Going Anywhere
4th January 2011 Whole bunch of pictures uploaded:-
* Christmas Card 2010
* Leana Christmas 2010
* This'll Knock Your Block Off
* Last Portrait Of 2010
* Lamplight Kiss
And 2 'mature' rated pics:-
* Ailee Unwrapping Her Gifts
* Darn I Forgot My Scarf
Plus 2 gift art pictures from other people:-
* Leana By Thetiedtigress
* Merry Christmas From Andrina, by Angelfyre
1st December 2010 At last, uploaded book 2 chapter 16 of the snowkitten story. Also uploaded a new picture called Teaching Keryan A Scottish Dance.
19th November 2010 Added chapter 3 of Melina Swiftwinds Starlight And Seasons story. Also, 10 new pictures added:-
* Zinzoline
* Nicole Halloween 2010
* Andrina October 2010
* Leana Can Can Dancer
* Leana November 2010
* Bums Will Be Kicked For This
* Evriel And Kittrisse
These next 3 are 'mature' rated:-
* Trust Me, Watching Me Wash A Car Isn't That Thrilling
* Ailee October 2010
* Sweetvixenellie
14th October 2010 Added a new picture called Light And Dark.
5th October 2010 5 new pictures added:-
* Celeste
* Flowers For Niamh
* Cabaret Leana
* Daydreaming
* Leana Portrait September 2010
18th August 2010 Added chapter 2 of Melina Swiftwinds Starlight And Seasons story.
14th August 2010 Added the next chapter (15) of my snowkitten story. And also added 3 new pictures:-
* Escaping The Storm
* Chirri August 2010
* Leana August 2010
3rd August 2010 Added the first chapter of a new story set in and around Phoenixbrook, written by Melina Swiftwind and called Starlight And Seasons.
1st August 2010 Whole bunch of new goodies uploaded including 2 new pictures:-
* Leana Portrait July 2010
* Keryan's Nightmare
And 3 new fan art pictures:-
* Flyin' High
* A Friendly Hug
* Leana By Kashyfox
30th June 2010 Added 2 new pictures:-
* Ready To Pounce
* Loganberry's Bits 'n' Bobtails Shop
25th May 2010 And another 4 new pictures uploaded:-
* Birthday Card 2010
* Angelfyre
* Andrina Leana After The Prom 2 (mature rated)
* Will You Dance With Me? (Fan art of Andrina, by Angelfyre)
18th May 2010 4 new pictures uploaded:-
* Erin Tries On Andrinas Clothes
* Jarrets Dreams
* Leana Portrait May 2010
* Niamh In Modern Dress
9th May 2010 3 new pictures uploaded - The first was A Rare Carefree Moment as well as 2 mature rated ones called Peekaboob and Andrina Glamourpuss.
21st April 2010 And another picture - Ailee Up To No Good As Usual.
20th April 2010 New (mature rated) picture - Why Yes We WOULD Love To Borrow Your Credit Card!
11th April 2010 Uploaded new picture - Snowkittens April 2010.
8th April 2010 New pictures - Chirri April 2010 and (mature rated) Messing Around.
4th March 2010 New picture - Leana Playing.
2nd March 2010 Uploaded another picture of Andrina's mum, entitled Clarissa March 2010.
20th February 2010 Another day, another bunny - Mystery Bunny.
19th February 2010 And another new picture - Sian And Tiarn.
18th February 2010 New picture - The Purring.
14th February 2010 Uploaded a gift picture from Yuri Bloodfang - Erin and Company. And added a new (mature rated) picture - Keep Those Paws Off My Pom Poms.
3rd February 2010 New (mature rated) pictures - Trying To Outcurve Each Other and also Aw Nuts It'll Take Hours To Find That Jellybean Down There!
19th January 2010 Added the next chapter to my story - Book 2 Chapter 14.
6th January 2010 New mature rated) picture - Should Have Worn Boots.
5th January 2010 First pic of the year (mature rated) - Melina Swiftwind.
29th December 2009 Added another chapter to my story - Book 2 Chapter 13.
23rd December 2009 Uploaded - this years Christmas card picture. Also uploaded 2 'mature' rated pics, Happy Book and also Why Do You Always Want Something From The Top Shelf?
21st December 2009 Added the next chapter to my story - Book 2 Chapter 12.
7th December 2009 Another festive(ish) picture - On Yer Ed.
6th December 2009 New picture added of Clarissa Snowkitten.
3rd December 2009 Added the next chapter to my story - Book 2 Chapter 11. And also added a new picture - Under The Mistletoe Totally By Accident Of Course.
2nd December 2009 New picture - Ailee In Boots.
19th November 2009
17th November 2009 2 new pictures - Levriana and also What The Heck Is This Thing?
13th November 2009 Wintery picture - Keryan And Matthew Winter 2009.
11th November 2009 New picture - Ciara And Embarr.
8th November 2009 New (mature rated) picture - Pulling Tails Epilogue - Some Cats Never Learn.
31st October 2009 And another new picture - Monday Mornings.
30th October 2009 New picture - Halloween 2009.
25th October 2009 And another chapter (book 2 chapter 9) of the snowkitten story added.
19th October 2009 Latest chapter (book 2 chapter 8) of the snowkitten story uploaded.
16th October 2009 New picture - Leana On Beach.
3rd October 2009 Uploaded new picture - Happy Ailee.
21st September 2009 And another new picture added - Huskyteer.
18th September 2009 New picture added - Koreen Playing Synth.
11th September 2009 Latest chapter (book 2 chapter 7) of the snowkitten story uploaded.
8th September 2009 New picture uploaded - Leana With Sword.
1st September 2009 Added new picture - Lakeema.
19th August 2009 New pictures added - Serien and another called Leana Dreams.
18th August 2009 Uploaded Book Two Chapter 6 of the snowkitten story.
7th August 2009 New chapter of the snowkitten story added - Book Two Chapter 5.
24th July 2009 New picture added - Leana Portrait July 2009.
21st July 2009 Added new picture called Leana In Jeans as well as a new fanart pic of Ailee drawn by Pharoah Queen. Also uploaded 4 new chapters for my snowkitten story starting with Book Two Chapter 1.
10th July 2009 New picture (mature rated) of Heather.
30th June 2009 Added a picture of Yuri Bloodfans snowkitten character, Chrystian.
22nd June 2009 It's summer so it's time for Swimsuits 2009!
20th June 2009 Uploaded new pictures:-
Rooli Roo
Oh Go And Stare At Your Own Book (Mature)
Ailee Pose June 2009 (Mature)
1st June 2009 Added a link/banner for Jay Naylors new Original Life comic.
29th May 2009 Uploaded new picture - Chirri In Bewdley.
16th May 2009 Added new picture - Leana Portrait May 2009.
9th May 2009 Uploaded the image from - the 2009 birthday card.
4th May 2009 Added a new picture - Leana In Her Bedroom
28th April 2009 Uploaded the 20th chapter of my snowkitten story which is the last part of Book One.
24th April 2009 Added a new picture called Snowkitten At River Boulevard and one called Top Hat Of Mysticalness.
23rd April 2009 Added new picture called Snowkitten Twins. And added the link above for my music website.
17th April 2009 4 new pics uploaded:-
* Casting Spells
* Leana Portrait April 2009
* Ailee Showing Off
* Ailee Cute Dress ('Mature' rated)
13th April 2009 Updated/revised the links page.
5th April 2009 New picture, at last, of Ailee and Jarret called Burning Bridges.
21st March 2009 Uploaded new picture called Moon Dancing.
1st March 2009 Added new picture called Keryan Ice Skating.
13th February 2009 Another mature rated pic added - Ailee First Pose Of 2009.
9th February 2009 Mature rated pic added - Are You Trying To Outcurve Me, Mr Bunny?
7th February 2009 Another pic added called Magnolia Sitting.
5th February 2009 New 'mature rated' Andrina pic - Uhoh I Think I Forgot My Handbag.
27th January 2009 Pic of a new character uploaded - Magnolia.
19th January 2009 And another new picture - Bestest Buddies.
18th January 2009 New picture - Headscarf Leana.
15th January 2009 Two new pics added - I Am So Keeping An Eye On You Bub (mature rated) and Tickled Pink.
5th January 2009 Uploaded chapter 19 of the snowkitten story.
29th December 2008 Uploaded the picture from the Christmas Card for 2008. Also added a new picture of Ailee called Haha Very Funny.
15th December 2008 New pic added called Ailee Sitting Pretty.
8th December 2008 New pic uploaded of a new character called Clarissa.
1st December 2008 First of this years Christmas pics added - Leana Christmas 2008.
26th November 2008 And another new picture - They Grow Up So Fast.
24th November 2008 Two new pics added - Leana Dancing and Ailee Pose 1234.
17th November 2008 And another new picture - Moonlit Leana.
13th November 2008 New picture - Snowblind - Farewell To Kael.
3rd November 2008 New picture of Leana and Ailee added - Light And Darkness.
27th October 2008 Pic added called Keryan Halloween 2008.
20th October 2008 Two new pics - At The Black Country Museum and Leana Andrina Bestest Friends.
13th October 2008 New pic added - Ailee Playing Rough.
6th October 2008 Added a new chapter (chapter 18) to my snowkitten story.
15th September 2008 New pic added called Somebody's Happy! Added a romantic pic called Bath Buns and also a 'mature' rated pic called Ailee On The Prowl.
4th September 2008 First appearance in a picture by Paula (owner of the Bridge Cafe.) Also added her profile to the site.
1st September 2008 A stark warning on keeping every picture you ever drew is revealed in this picture - Any Last Words Eliki Snowkitten. And the next chapter of the snowkitten story (chapter 17) has also been added to the site.
26th August 2008 New Leana picture added - I Can See You. Also added 2 'mature' rated pics - What The Hey and Hawaiin Andrina.
18th August 2008 Uploaded new Leana picture called Someone Is Showing Off.
13th August 2008 New pic added called Close Your Eyes And Tell Me What You See.
30th July 2008 2 new Ailee pictures - Bored Now and Ailee The Lion Tamer.
28th July 2008 Behold - Cheerleader Leana.
21st July 2008 New pic added called Andrina Leana After Prom.
10th July 2008 Uploaded the 5th and 6th parts to the 'Pulling Tails' series. (Mature rated)
7th July 2008 3 shiny new pictures added:-
* No Mercy
* Ailee In Fishnets
* You Know What You Can Do With Your Size Zeroes
3rd July 2008 Added new pic of Loganberry called The Pure Magick Shop.
23rd June 2008 Next part of the snowkitten story added - Chapter 16. And a new Ailee pic added - Oh Great Another Rip.
18th June 2008 And another new pic added called Sugar Plum Fairy Ailee.
16th June 2008 New summery picture added called Leana By Tree. And another uploaded called Ailee In Jeans Portrait 2.
6th June 2008 Uploaded new picture of Chirri Singing.
27th May 2008 Added several new pics:-
* Keryan Carried
* Ailee In Jeans Portrait
Note that the next 3 are 'mature' rated
* 4th of the Pulling Tails
* Ailee At The Pool
* Getting Ready For A Date
15th May 2008 Next part of the snowkitten story added at last - Chapter 15.
12th May 2008 Added the (mature rated) 3rd part to the little series of pics called Pulling Tails. Also uploaded another mature rated pic called Ailee Under Blanket. And added the 2008 birthday card picture.
30th April 2008 3 new pictures:-
* Keryan Portrait 2
* Ailee By Tree (Mature rated)
* Secrets In The Water (Mature rated)
28th April 2008 Added new pic called Enigma Sitting and another titled Leana Flashy Spells.
10th April 2008 Uploaded pic called Andrina Under Blanket and another called Ailee Minidress. Also added a new 'mature rated' pic titled Leana Semi-topless Pose.
1st April 2008 Mature rated pic added called I Don't Remember Exhibiting This One.
31st March 2008 New portrait of Keryan uploaded.
26th March 2008 'Mature rated' follow up pic to the last one uploaded called Ailee's Revenge (Pulling Tails 2). Also uploaded an updated version of my Furvey.
13th March 2008 Pic uploaded of Leana being naughty, called Pulling Tails Is Pushing Your Luck.
5th March 2008 Two new 'mature rated' pictures - Chirri Dancing and the other is Ailee Scheming Grin.
24th February 2008 New piccy - Party Dress Leana.
13th February 2008 Self portrait kinda picture - Leana Eliki Back To Back. And another one called Ailee Spellcasting 4. Also added a new 'wallpaper' to the Goodies page.
7th February 2008 2 more pictures - Leana Spellcasting 2 and another entitled Andrina Kneeling.
4th February 2008 This years Valentines picture uploaded.
28th January 2008 Uploaded a new - portrait of Enigma.
10th January 2008 Picture drawn for someone else - SJ the lioness.
9th January 2008 And another new cutey pic - Eliki & Leana In The Woods. Also new 'mature rated' pics - Ailee Catwalking and ZigZag - Black & White Riding Hood.
2nd January 2008 3 shiny new pictures - So Much For The Diet and Ailee New Years Gift. And this is 'mature rated' - Who Will You Be?
31st December 2007 Decided to close the year with two new 'mature rated' pics - How To Earn A Black Eye and Leana Lifting Top.
27th December 2007 Uploaded the Christmas 2007 picture used on that years cards.
10th December 2007 And the next story chapter (chapter 14) uploaded!
26th November 2007 New story chapter (chapter 13) uploaded! Also uploaded the first of this years Christmas pictures intended to fill the gap while the Christmas card picture is kept a secret.
19th November 2007 Three new pictures - Ailee Posing In T-shirt and a sad one called Leana In Churchyard. The third is called My Face Is Up Here! And of course changed the home page picture.
7th November 2007 Third pic in as many days - A Quiet Goodbye.
6th November 2007 Pic added called Aerobics Leana!
5th November 2007 New mature pic added - Snowkitten Nudeys (Ailee's Revenge)
29th October 2007 Pic uploaded that I drew for Rune, called Gothic Rune. Yup.
15th October 2007 New Andrina piccy called Bored Of Posing.
11th October 2007 Another picture by Rune - this one is called Jarret Carrot and speaks for itself.
8th October 2007 Uploaded this years Halloween picture. (And snuck a copy onto the home page.)
4th October 2007 First 'fan art' picture of Jarret, drawn by Rune.
1st October 2007 New 'mature' rated pic - Eliki Ailee Sleeping
26th September 2007 Two new pics done for friends uploaded - Travelling Bunny was drawn for Loganberry and Niamh was drawn for Rabbitswift.
24th September 2007 Chapter 12 of my snowkitten story uploaded at last. Also added a new 'mature' rated pic of Ailee - The Dangers Of Shopping. And a test cartoon has been put on the Snowkitten Kids site.
6th September 2007 Did a bit of Autumn cleaning and added a link to my music on Soundclick. (The icon at the top of the home page)
3rd September 2007 3 new pics uploaded as follows:-
* Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back In The Water.
* Lonely Nights
* 300th Picture!
27th August 2007 Slightly more 'adult' pic than usual - You Ain't Going Anywhere.
20th August 2007 New pic added, of Koreen with the twins.
15th August 2007 New Keryan pic added called Anything You Can Do. And a new 'mature rated' portrait of Leana.
6th August 2007 Added a slightly cheeky pic (mature rated) called The Battle Of The Last Custard Cream.
1st August 2007 And another new pic - Leana Watching Sunset.
30th July 2007 New pics - Koreen Playing Synth Solo as well as a pic of Ailee holding Keryan when she was a baby. And a 'mature rated' picture of Leana called Stupid Sodding New Dress.
25th July 2007 Added a picture of Heather with a synthguitar. And added a profile page for Keryan.
16th July 2007 3 new pictures uploaded:-
* Ailee With Roses. (Mature rated)
* Leana At The Bookshelf.
* Keryan And Matthews Wedding Photo.
9th July 2007 Pillow Fight pic uploaded. Also added a pic called Ailee In The Cathedral and a 'mature rated' pic named Nuts To Dignity.
2nd July 2007 Loganberry stars in Do The Bunny Hop! And Ailee stars in Ailee Makes A New Friend.
28th June 2007 New pic called Picnic Leana Style Just in time for summer. Also added one called Keryans 18th Birthday.
14th June 2007 Snowkitten group 'photo' uploaded.
7th June 2007 Long overdue inkwash portrait of Leana added.
5th June 2007 Uploaded the third part of Cybernets Phoenixbrook story, Fire, Snow and Storm! Also uploaded new pic called Jarret Lifting Keryan and another cunningly entitled Bunny Fairy.
5th June 2007 Uploaded the third part of Cybernets Phoenixbrook story, Fire, Snow and Storm!
29th May 2007 Pic uploaded called Cybernet Working Hard On Assignment. Also added 2 new 'mature' rated pics - Chirri Posing In T-shirt and Chirri & Eliki Snuggling Under Blanket. (Awwww)
23rd May 2007 Another two links added, this time for the Last Resort online comic and Furtean Times online fanzine.
21st May 2007 New pic uploaded called Eliki With Stars. Also added a link for the Lackadaisy Cats online comic.
13th May 2007 Added the pic used from this years birthday card and a pic drawn for Entei-rah called Raining Donuts. I also decided to remove the tutorials from the site, as they were looking far too out of date.
9th May 2007 Updated the snowkitten profile pages with 5 new pictures for the main characters. Bigger versions available on this page.
25th April 2007 Uploaded 'mature rated' pic drawn for Jim Russo, of his character called Kila.
23rd April 2007 'Mature rated' pic uploaded for a Breast Cancer Charity Appeal. Please support it - it is totally free and details are below the actual picture. :)
16th April 2007 Pic drawn for Rabbitswift uploaded - Ciara the swiftfox. Also added one of Keryan called Bedtime Story and another of her and Matthew called How Things Change
10th April 2007 New 'mature rated' pic done for Leana's birthday (2007).
4th April 2007 Added new pic called Eliki & Chirri Sitting On Stage.
28th March 2007 Beware of Andrina vs The Donuts.
14th March 2007 Pic of the Snowkitten girls dancing uploaded.
12th March 2007 New 'mature' pic - Leana Reading Book.
28th February 2007 Uploaded chapter 10 and chapter 11 of my snowkitten story. And put an updated version of the Snowkitten Screensaver on the Goodies page.
26th February 2007 New pic - Jarret With Graffiti.
5th February 2007 Added a pic called Andrina By Lamppost. Also, added a link for J3Ts new site to the links page and removed a few links.
29th January 2007 New pic of Ailee conjuring a dolphin.
27th January 2007 Uploaded new pic of Eliki & Leana at the Bridge Cafe and another of Keryan and Matthew on a beach.
22nd January 2007 Pic ('mature rated') of Chirri In The Lake.
17th January 2007 Beware... 'mature rated' pic of Andrina With Handcuffs. Also added a new picture from Rune called Girls Night Out!
15th January 2007 Uploaded this years Valentines picture and an improved version of my Rooyera pic, based around a poem by Loganberry. And then there is the terror of Dr Mew...
8th January 2007 First pic of the year - portrait of Ailee at her 18th birthday party.
2nd January 2007 Image from the Christmas 2006 card uploaded along with an unused card design picture (mature rated) called Ailee Lit Up And added a pic of Eliki, Ailee and Keryan on a beach and one of Ailee in a doorway. New snowkitten wallpaper added too.
20th December 2006 Uploaded chapter 8 and chapter 9 of my snowkitten story.
18th December 2006 New pic of Keryan as a teenager and 'mature rated' picture of Enigma and Fenesk under a sheet. =^_^=
4th December 2006 Mature rated pic - Ailee On Bed.
28th November 2006 Another new picture - Leana Sleeping.
22nd November 2006 Added new pic of Rune & Danae. And also added 5 new profiles for characters from my story. (Enigma, Fenesk, Chirri, Koreen and Kalia)
20th November 2006 Christmas picture uploaded and decorated the home page.
8th November 2006 Chapter 7 of my snowkitten story uploaded!
23rd October 2006 New pic added of Leana with a butterfly. Removed a few items from the links page and added a link banner for a comic called Catena.
11th October 2006 Added new pic of Chirri In Shorts as well as 3 'mature rated' pics as follows:-
Cybernet On Blanket
Jarret On Blanket
Eliki On Blanket
9th October 2006 Behold and get the treats ready - Halloween 2006 picture.
11th September 2006 Result of my very first commissioned picture - Kerys & Midenko. Also uploaded several 'mature rated' pics built up over a few months, as follows:-
Ailee Teasing With Claws
Leana In Nightie
Andrina With Hearts
Ailee On Clifftop
4th September 2006 New pic entitled Ailee In Jeans.
29th August 2006 Slightly silly playful pic added called Nosebeeps. And a big picture of Nightlights on stage!
23rd August 2006 New pic uploaded, of a mysterious character called The Twilight Wheeker.
7th August 2006 'Mature rated' Leana 'Wish You Were Here' postcard added.
5th August 2006 3D pic of Chesters Antiques shop (from Phoenixbrook) uploaded.
31st July 2006 New 'mature rated' pic of Ailee in the shower.
24th July 2006 Added some new photos to the Pictures That Inspired Phoenixbrook page.
17th July 2006 The sixth shiny chapter of my snowkitten story uploaded at last!
13th July 2006 Pic of Befrafa's Celtiberry bunny character uploaded.
10th July 2006 3 pics from recent archives. Cute pic of Ailee and Eliki kissing. And two 'mature rated' pics, titled Andrina 'Keep Your Paws Off' and also Andrina Get Out!
4th July 2006 New pic of Eliki and Cybernet onstage as part of a synthpop band.
28th June 2006 Big Summer Beach Party 2006 picture uploaded.
19th June 2006 And another 2 pics, this time of Loganberry hugging Eliki and one of Enigma with her husband, Fenesk.
7th June 2006 New pic of Cybernet hugging Eliki.
1st June 2006 And here is the pic I got in return from that recent art trade, Leana and Ailee drawn by Rune.
30th May 2006 Another art trade pic done for Rune, of her Danae vixen character and boyfriend Zen.
26th May 2006 Uploaded 3 Ironbridge photos to the page about places that inspired Phoenixbrook.
16th May 2006 New fanart picture - 3D render of Eliki by Sphelx!
15th May 2006 4 new pictures! Yeesh! They are as follows:-
My 200th picture for this website
Dark and gloomypicture of Jarret
Snowkittens holding several kittens
Enigma the panda from my story
10th May 2006 New and shiny Andrina desktop wallpaper uploaded.
8th May 2006 Popped the birthday card picture for this year online.
4th May 2006 Heart-brothers picture uploaded, done specially for 2 very close friends.
3rd May 2006 New pic of Leana spellcasting and I've added the picture from last year of all the snowkitten characters together. (Previously only on the site as a wallpaper.) And added several wallpaper pics to the Goodies page.
26th April 2006 And another picture! This one is of Selena, a winged wolf.
25th April 2006 Added pic of Leana kneeling in the woods and also one of Eliki & Loganberry sat by a cliffedge.
4th April 2006 And another 'mature rated' pic of Eliki and Ailee hugging.
3rd April 2006 'Mature rated' pics of Ailee posing on a mirror and also Ailee posing on a blanket uploaded.
27th March 2006 Added pics of Andrina in jeans (she usually wears skirts y'know) and Leana in a climbing pose. And included the new art trades button on this page.
21st March 2006 Strange and mysterious pic of Leana with a facemask.
16th March 2006 Here be Benar the squirrel doing what squirrels do best.
7th March 2006 New art trade pics! First, this (mature rated) pic of Danae was drawn by me, and this pic of Eliki is the one I got in return from Rune!
28th February 2006 Leana Alleycat picture added.
10th February 2006 First of all, you can now read the next three chapters of my snowkitten story, now I've finally had chance to finish them. And a bit of a change. A valentines picture of sorts. Though it should be said that Leana isn't a big fan of Valentines... (Mature rated pic by the way) Also added a link for The Furry Portal.
30th January 2006 Added part 2 of Maltrays Timestreams 'Winds Of Freedom' story.
18th January 2006 New pic of Leana not looking too amused.
16th January 2006 Cute pic of Andrina added as well as a 'mature pic of Ailee posing in a bikini. Again. ;)
9th January 2006 Next chapter of Maltrays Time Streams story added!
4th January 2006 First pic of 2006, Entei-rah sitting patiently.
3rd January 2006 Added the christmas picture for 2005.
12th December 2005 Pics added of Ailee and Eliki dancing, one of Jarret wielding a gun and one of Jarret casting spells.
9th December 2005 New chapter to Russets Garn story added!
3rd December 2005 Altered home page pic to this one of Eliki and Leana sitting. Also added pictures of Andrina posing and a 'mature rated' picture called Wakey Wakey! And added a link for Dan And Mabs Furry Adventures.
29th November 2005 Anthro pic of Loganberry awaits a visit, as do these 2 pictures by Heather of Eliki and Leana! </TD>
28th November 2005 New pic of Ailee spellcasting. (Just something she does from time to time... ;) )
18th November 2005 Shhh! Don't wake sleeping snowkittens. Also 2 more 'mature rated' pics - Ailee with a whip *ahem* and Leana and Andrina kissing. The second chapter of Maltrayfox's Timestreams story has also been added!
15th November 2005 2 new mature audience pics. Leana on pillows and Eliki with flowers. There are also 2 other pictures, which were part of an art trade with Jim Russo. This was the picture I recieved and this one is the picture I drew in return.
23rd October 2005 4 new pictures! Leana on her back, a close-up of Leana posing and Ailee on her back conjuring flowers. There is also a (mature rated) pic of Cybernet3000 in shorts.
18th October 2005 Second chapter of my Snowkitten Story uploaded.
17th October 2005 Picture of Ailee (mature rated) up to no good teasing again, and a picture of Leana in shorts.
12th October 2005 After many moons, finally uploaded the first chapter of my Snowkitten Story.
10th October 2005 New subsite added called Timestreams which will host Maltrays new stories about the snowkittens in an alternate universe.
5th October 2005 Included pronunciation details for the snowkitten's names on their profiles.
24th September 2005 Added a link for Loganberrys really impressive A Leap In The Dark stories.
17th September 2005 New pic of Russet as an otter. And added a snowkitten screensaver for merry downloading.
14th September 2005 Shiny new Heather picture from a 'photoshoot.'
12th September 2005 New picture of Keryan. And big update - a prologue and 2 chapters added from Cybernets new Fire, Snow and Storm story set in Phoenixbrook!
8th September 2005 Added 2 pictures that will be going to Furtopia to be passed on to kids at a USA hospital. (Pics are here and here) And a new story by Russet has been added to the Venuvia subsite, called Garns Promotion
Fire, Snow & Storm along with a map of the holt.
31st August 2005 Added the all new Goodies page and a snowkitten desktop wallpaper to download.
27th August 2005 2 new 'mature art' pictures uploaded - Leana on a blanket as well as Ailee being a pest again after being at the catnip...
20th August 2005 Updated the Competition 2005 page now that a winner has been decided! Andrinas 'topless' portrait uploaded to the 'mature art' gallery along with a pic of Ailee lying on a bed.
17th August 2005 Uploaded fan art of Raquel from House Of LSD and a picture of Andrina reading. Made small changes to the snowkitten profiles.
15th August 2005 Ailee on a beach picture added to the 'mature art' section. Also uploaded an 80s style picture of Leana.
13th August 2005 3 new pictures - Leana in a minidress and another of Leana, this time wearing a headband. And a very special picture from Leana and Andrinas wedding!
4th August 2005 Another picture of Heather from Nightlights, this time with a guitar.
3rd August 2005 Picture of NuclearNinjasreindeer character, Dawn uploaded.
1st August 2005 The colouring competition has now closed, and the entries are here awaiting their judgement. Bwahaha!
23rd July 2005 Big changes to the Venuvia subsite - added lots of info about Venuvia!
20th July 2005 New pic of Leana casting a spell. A tribute to Andrina the Donut Queen. And a new picture of Heather, the guitarist from Nightlights. Oh, and another picture of Leana casting a spell.
14th July 2005 4 more pictures(!) - Another one of Koreen singing for Nightlights and one of Ailee showing off. (Again...) Speaking of showing off, heres Leana and Andrina modelling again and last but not least theres a cute little pic of Eliki and Ailee snuggling under a sheet.
4th July 2005 Picture of Maltrayfox with his new shiny blue and white fur colours.
2nd July 2005 Another pic of Ailee spellcasting and a pic of what me and Ailees kitten Keryan might look like.
21st June 2005 New pic of Jarret holding his twin Ailee. Added new 'mature gallery' picture of Andrina. Also added one of Lighting & Sukena snuggling.
13th June 2005 Nightlights band 'photo' uploaded.
6th June 2005 Another entry for the colouring competition uploaded! And a new 'mature art' picture, this time of Leana reading a book.
4th June 2005 First picture where I've drawn Jarret & Ailee in the same image. And a picture of Jarret looking out a window at the moonlit sea.
28th May 2005 Added a whole load of photos that inspired Phoenixbrook to the Venuvia minisite.
23rd May 2005 Do you believe in fairies? The kitty in this picturecertainly does. Also uploaded another pic for the "mature gallery," this time Ailee on a pile of cushions.
16th May 2005 2 new pictures in the mature art gallery of Kita and... ummm another one of Kita.
9th May 2005 At last! The Venuvia subsite has been completed and uploaded. (This is the new home for Russets stories about himself and the snowkittens, among other things) Also uploaded a picture of Leana casting a spell and a (mature rated) piccy of Leana not looking too amused. And last but not least, a picture of the snowkitten twins mother Koreen singing and this years birthday card image.
4th May 2005 Uploaded the first two entries for the colouring competition. Picture of Ailee from her college days uploaded. And 2 new pictures of Leana uploaded to the Mature gallery. (Leana in her new bathing costume and Leanas birthday present picture to Andrina.)
20th April 2005 Pretty much the entire new look of the site classes as one big update. Totally new stuff however includes a pic of Koreen with a motorbike uploaded, as well as 4 new fan art pictures! Also there is the addition of the mature furry art pages.
17th April 2005 At this point every bit of it classes as new really. ;) For sheer nostalgic novelty there is a little screen grab of what the original website looked like and this one is a screengrab of the sites 2nd incarnation. :)

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