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Oy! Do you do commissions?

Nope, sorry. Not at this time. I don't really have the time or the confidence. That, and getting the money to me would be a nightmare. However, I might be coaxed into doing an art trade instead.

Okay kitty, just what IS an art trade?

It does exactly what it says on the tin. I draw a picture of your character, and in return you draw one of my snowkitten characters. And when the pictures are done, we swap 'em.

Swap 'em? How is that done?

Usually by email. Partly this is because I much prefer to colour furry art using my computer. And of course, that means the only way to get the finished digital picture to you is via email. It is also more secure, quicker and cheaper.

Would you be willing to trade the original art?

Sure! It is certainly an option, but you'd need to let me know first, so I can colour the picture by hand. Otherwise, as I said above, there wouldn't be any original art to send you.

Do you ALWAYS accept art trades?

Ah... sadly not. Sometimes I will be too busy with other pictures and projects. It is always worth asking though, but I really can't make any guarantees how long it would take to start and finish a picture.

What will/won't you draw?

Well... I will not draw anything that I consider to be disturbing. So out the window goes anything featuring violence, blood and gore, or surreal stuff. Yiffy and adult stuff is a possibility, but needs to be discussed very carefully via emails (as it depends entirely on what I would be expected to draw and get in return.)

Mmhmm? Okay, I'm interested. What next?

The best thing to do is email me to find out if I'd have enough time to accept an art trade, and maybe to let me know what you plan to draw (and what I can draw in return. A detailed character description and purrhaps any links to other pictures of your character would help a lot.) And of course, if you have any other questions that aren't answered above, I'll be more than happy to answer them.

Please bear in mind that I have no net access at home, and that will often mean it takes a while to answer emails. It's not 'cos I'm ignoring you. Promise!

I want a picture for free!

Then you'll have to ask someone who does free pictures. That isn't me. Sorry, but I've had my fingers burned far too many times in the past. I used to do a lot of pictures for free, but some people took advantage of that, and on several occassions other furry artists didn't show the slightest interest when I sent them pictures. So... those days are over.

But that's not fair - you've done free pictures for friends.

And there within lies the key word - they were done for trusted close friends. I've still done occassional pictures for close friends. And that is entirely at my discretion and my choice. Sowwee!

This page was last updated on 6th September 2007