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The art copyright belongs to the relevant artist, and unless stated the character copyrights belong to Nicky "Eliki" Rowe. Any other characters in the pictures belong to the person mentioned in the relevant description. Please do not redistribute these pictures without permission. Chances are I'll be more than happy to give permission if you ask me :)

Other Peoples Furry Art
Eliki, By Jon Redfox April 2002 (43k)

What more can I say? This is just SO cool, and big thanks to Jon Redfox for drawing this picture.

Eliki And Sphelx, By Sphelx May 2002 (27k)

As with the previous picture this is also SO cool, and lotsa thanks to Sphelx for taking the time to draw this picture.

Eliki And Leana, By Whitewolf February 2003 (39k)

This beautiful and really cool picture of me and my twin sis Leana was a paid for comission drawn by Whitewolf.

Eliki By Cybernet3000 February 2004 (29k)

Really really cute piccy (with celtic knotwork!) of me drawn by Cybernet3000.

Eliki By Russet August 2004 (11k)

Cute little picture drawn by Russet with a Flash program.

Eliki By Befrafa October 2004 (31k)

Awwww. :) And another cute picture drawn in pencil crayons by Befrafa.

Snowkitten Christmas Card By Befrafa December 2004 (40k)

Awwww. Cute picture again! Pencil crayon christmas card by Befrafa.

Eliki #1 By Twilight Wheeker December 2004 (24k)

Small but very nice piccy.

Eliki #2 By Twilight Wheeker April 2005 (30k)

And another equally nice picture.

Andrina By Befrafa April 2005 (33k)

Also very nice picture and in fact the first time anyone other than me has drawn Andrina!

Eliki & Leana Birthday Card By Befrafa April 2005 (40k)

Eeee cute card again! Leana has learned a valuable new lesson in how to cause mischief from this card.

Leana & Ailee By Jim Russo November 2005 (125k)

Cute and very sexy pic of Leana and Ailee, drawn as his part of an art trade. (The pic I drew for Jim Russo is here)

Eliki By Heather November 2005 (41k)

Awww, how cute is this? And that t-shirt would surely glow in the dark and be visible for miles around! Drawn by Heather Bradford as a commissioned piece.

Leana By Heather November 2005 (51k)

And this one is surely even cuter still! But what is Leana so excited about, we have to wonder. Drawn by Heather Bradford as a commissioned piece.

Eliki By Rune March 2006 (52k)

Really cool pic of a painterly Eliki, with an intriguing background! First time anyone has drawn me in this style too. This was the picture I recieved as part of an art trade, and the picture I drew in return is here.

Eliki Hairboom By Sphelx March 2006 (55k)

Very nice piece of 3D rendering by Sphelx and a nice cute picture it is too. But its the hair rendering more than anything that was the key part of the picture, and must have taken ages to put together!

Leana & Ailee By Rune May 2006 (57k)

Awwwww! Chibi style pic of Leana and Ailee that is just too cute for words. This was the pic drawn as part of an art trade and the one I got in return for drawing this picture of Runes Danae character with her boyfriend Zen.

Girls Night Out By Rune January 2007 (117k)

And another wonderfully drawn and coloured, and really cute, picture of Leana, Rune and Andrina, as the title suggests, on a night out.

Jarret By Rune October 2007 (70k)

Another great picture by Rune (and thank you!) and also notable is the fact that this is the first picture of Jarret that anyone apart from me has drawn. So Jarret is equally grateful, even if he won't actually admit it. ;)

Jarret Carrot - By Rune October 2007 (58k)

And yet again Jarret takes the stage in a donut-induced picture and awwww doesn't he just look so cute? ;) The character of Rune, also on that picture, is of course owned by Rune.

Ailee - By Pharoah Queen July 2009 (115k)

This really wonderfully drawn (and coloured) picture was kindly drawn by Pharoah Queen, an artist from Furaffinity.

Erin And Company February 2010 (125k)

This really amazing picture of Andrina, Erin and Leana was drawn by Zareoniwolf and was very kindly commissioned by Yuri Bloodfang. Erin is the snake character in the centre and she features in Yuri's stories, which are over at his Furaffinity gallery (follow the above link) and are well worth a read. Really well written and you won't regret it!

Dance With Me May 2010 (97k)

Amazing and cute 3D picture of Andrina, created by Angelfyre.

Flyin' High July 2010 (104k)

And another extremely nice picture of Andrina, this time with wings, and once again created by Angelfyre.

A Friendly Hug July 2010 (120k)

Eliki and Niamh in a wonderfully cute picture drawn by Luthien Nightwolf. The picture was very kindly commissioned, intended (successfully) to cheer me up, by a very close and dear friend, Veloxfox who owns copyright to Niamh.

Leana By Kashyfox July 2010 (94k)

Very cute sketch of Leana, drawn by Kashyfox. This picture was commissioned by Fionacat, so thank you very much!!

Leana Portrait December 2010 (82k)

A wonderful picture of Leana levitating a snowball, drawn by The Tied Tigress. The picture was very kindly commissioned by a very close friend, Veloxfox.

Merry Christmas From Andrina December 2010 (76k)

Festive and cute picture of Andrina, made by Angelfyre.

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