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All art and characters are copyright Nicky "Eliki" Rowe, except for characters where the owners copyright is mentioned in the relevant description. Please do not redistribute these pictures without permission. Chances are I'll be more than happy to give permission if you ask me :)

Furry Art 2011
Lamplight Kiss January 2011 (92k)

A picture that speaks for itself, and was a gift for Veloxfox, who also happens to be the creator of Niamh (the bunny in the picture).

Candy Raver Leana January 2011 (107k)

I'm not totally sure what a Candy Raver is, but the thought of all those beads and bracelets appealled, so Leana got to try them on.

You Sir Are So Slicable! January 2011 (94k)

I pity the fool who takes Ailees last biscuit. An over-the-top reaction? Not if you know how much Ailee likes her biscuits...

Where The Heck Did All The Stock Go? February 2011 (126k)

Someone knows just where it all went... A gift picture for a very good friend of mine, Loganberry, who also owns the copyright to Loganberry and Rooli Roo in this picture..

Valentines 2011 February 2011 (119k)

A romantic little picture I couldn't resist drawing, though I'll leave it entirely to the imagination as to what is going on and what is being said.

Slinky Kitty February 2011 (104k)

Some kittys never learn. And is that such a bad thing?

Chirri February 2011 February 2011 (89k)

Chirri is a cheeky cheetah and no mistake. He might not turn up on here often, but when he does he likes to make sure its quite an appearance that he puts in.

Showing Off (Again) February 2011 (85k)

Leana does like to show off her new outfits at every possible chance...

Heather Portrait February 2011 February 2011 (118k)

Which it is. She is the guitarist from Nightlights, the band that the snowkitten twins mum plays synths in.

Andrina Uni Days February 2011 (90k)

No, she was certainly no less cute or lively in those days either.

Laugh It Up While You Can February 2011 (85k)

A slightly silly gift for Veloxfox, who also happens to be the creator of Niamh (the bunny in the picture).

Andrina Portrait February 2011 February 2011 (87k)

And it is too!

Snowkitten Synthpop Duo February 2011 (107k)

This was a little bit of a fantasy. I can't sing or play synths live, but it would be a dream come true if I could. So this is a little bit of a "what if" picture.

Enjoying A Bit Of English Summer February 2011 (111k)

And another slightly silly gift picture, this time for Entei-rah.

Victory Shall Be Mine March 2011 (102k)

A bit of friendly competition between twins never went amiss.

Dancing In The Kitchen April 2011 (95k)

Paula, wolfly owner of the Bridge Cafe in my story, likes to dance around to music and doesn't care who sees her.

Someones Feeling Frisky April 2011 (70k)

I suggest running immediately.

Leana Portrait April 2011 April 2011 (89k)

And it is at that.

Bloodnekofox May 2011 (82k)

Picture done for a friend of mine on Furaffinity.

Ashling May 2011 May 2011 (91k)

And another picture done for a friend of mine on Furaffinity.

Cooling off (Or Not) May 2011 (108k)

This features Leana, with that cute bunny Niamh on the left, who is owned by Veloxfox.

Disco Showoffs June 2011 (116k)

Aren't they just? Once again, we have Leana here, on the left, and the cute bunny on the right is Megan, owned by Veloxfox.

Dreaming July 2011 (86k)

A picture of Eliki, intended as a sort-of improved version of an old picture from 2001 that I did called "Eliki With Bubbles."

Leana In Denim July 2011 (79k)

And she is too, so there we go.

Megan Portrait July 2011 July 2011 (79k)

This cute bunny is Megan, owned by Veloxfox.

Playing Marbles July 2011 (127k)

Here we have Niamh and Fiachra as children, and both are owned by Veloxfox.

Leana Playing Piano July 2011 (126k)

Not that Leana does play piano as such, which may explain the look of concentration on her face!

Paula Twirling July 2011 (80k)

As mentioned before, Paula (wolf girl owner of the Bridge Cafe in my story) loves to dance when she's working.

Loganberry August 2011 August 2011 (149k)

Loganberry, a very close friend of mine, suggested this picture because he has a love of photography. So it seemed the perfect chance to render some nice scenery in Vue!

Whoever Put Me In This Outfit Is Doomed September 2011 (113 k)

It was you wasn't it? Can I suggest you get out of there fast!

Friends Are The Threads That Hold Our Lives Together September 2011 (127 k)

A picture for two very close friends of mine, Loganberry and Megan.

All I Need Now Is A Cowboy Hat September 2011 (92 k)

Ailee putting buttons under a thorough test.

Harley Quinn Leana September 2011 (82 k)

This was inspired when a friend drew a picture of Harley Quinn over on Deviantart, especially as she is one of my favourite villainesses.

Ailee's Bedroom September 2011 (104 k)

A dark and terrible place to be, perhaps, but Ailee finds it to be a place of great comfort. Everyone needs a plush with glowing yellow eyes.

Leana Ballerina October 2011 (65 k)

This picture took a while to finish, because I was working on the sketch when a family tragedy struck. So I wasn't able to face finishing it for quite a while, but decided in the end that it was better to return to it.

Midwinter October 2011 (158 k)

After I lost my mum in September 2011, this was just something that led from that.

Leana October 2011 October 2011 (84 k)

A set of 3 'corset' pictures for a friend, this one of course being Leana.

Halloween Leana October 2011 (92 k)

And of course it is too.

Andrina October 2011 October 2011 (119 k)

Second of the 3 'corset' pictures done for a friend.

Ailee October 2011 October 2011 (117 k)

And the third and last of the three 'corset' pictures drawn for a friend.

The Face Is Up Here, Bub November 2011 (108 k)

And don't you forget it.

Leana Christmas 2011 December 2011 (106 k)

Which it is.

Keryan Christmas 2011 December 2011 (89 k)

Not that strictly speaking snowkittens have a Christmas as such, since they live on another planet (oh boy, do they ever...) but meh.

Christmas Card 2011 December 2011 (93 k)

This image was used for the 2011 Christmas card, as the title deftly suggests.

Safe In The Warmth Of Your Love December 2011 (67 k)

A picture I drew for my girlfriend, Megan, which was sent on the day that I told her how I felt about her. A long story, for another time and place, but nonetheless this one has special meaning to both of us.

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