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Chapter 14 - Carc's Larks Page 15

Carc copyright Steve Addlesee


2nd April 2012 - Difficult to believe a year went so fast! Even more difficult to believe the comic has survived that long without the Tatty Art Police closing it down for world peace. Anyway, today starts a new story arc, "The Biggest Carrot In The World," and is likely to be a lengthy story. However, it'll be split up with side stories as it goes along, so that hopefully it won't get boring. Unless it does.

10th March 2011 - At last, the very first page of the comic is officially published! It only took about 8 years. Anyway, it isn't on a regular schedule just yet but I wanted to put something on here, just to see how it goes. And hopefully in time, I can get myself on a regular schedule, once I have a decent collection of pages ready. For now though, this will give some idea of the (tatty) artwork and (tattier) story.


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