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All art and characters are copyright Nicky "Eliki" Rowe, except for characters where the owners copyright is mentioned in the relevant description. Please do not redistribute these pictures without permission. Chances are I'll be more than happy to give permission if you ask me :)

Furry Art 2010 (and earlier)
Furry Fairy January 1999 (50k)

A very early furry picture, hardly a stunning example of 'how to draw' but I always liked the background. The character was coloured with inks, cut out and stuck onto an acrylic background.

The Original Eliki Sometime in 1996 (31k)

Okay, this is where things get tricky. This pic was done by someone who was very special to me WAY back when we were at college. At the time, Eliki was to be a female character in a book I was planning. This was a very quick doodle with a biro, on some college notes.

I found this picture when I was chucking the old college stuff out. Goes without saying that I later nabbed the name for myself, so Eliki is certainly not female anymore... And of course, I thought that this pic ought to go on the site 'cos it is an important part of my 'history' so to speak.

Celtic kitty Some time 2000 (59k)

Drawn originally for a t-shirt design.

Kellyfur December 1999 (29k)

Drawn for Kelly Hamilton of The Jungle fame.

Farmyard Some time 1999 (31k)

Unnamed character, and far from purrfect, but I like the background a lot.

Gravestone October 1998 (40k)

Another unnamed character, but again I like the background.

Leana with bubbles 1999 June 1999 (34k)

Very early picture of Leana. Hmmm, bubbles seem to be a recurring theme with these snowkitten twins...

Andrina Painting April 2001 (38k)

Done on cartridge paper, using a paintbrush and inks to colour it. I like this picture a lot, but there is a big mistake on the hand that is holding the brush (namely that the thumb is on the wrong side of the kittys hand...) The kitty is called Andrina.

Leana With Flowers June 2001 (77k)

Done on an extra solid piece of mounting board, and as usual I coloured it using a paintbrush and inks. The snowkitty is Eliki's (i.e. me) twin sister, Leana and the picture shows her at the ceremony where she received her snowkitten jewellery. I drew the celtic knots round the edges after reading about a fairly simple method of creating them, and coloured them with felt tip pens.

Leana September 2001 (56k)

Another picture of my snowkitty sister, Leana. Snowkittens are meant to have certain powers, but mine don't work. Leana thinks I'm jealous of her 'cos of that. I'm not. Honest No, really!!

Picture Of A Friend October 2001 (64k)

A friend, who stumbled across my site a few months back, didn't know what the heck to make of 'furry.' Anyways, she asked if I'd draw a picture of her as a furry character, and I thought "well, I'll give it a go."

Eliki July 2001 (35k)

This is the picture that I used originally on my home page and I like it a lot.

Andrina May 2002 (39k)

This snowkitten is called Andrina, and she has featured in a couple of the other furry pictures. This picture was originally hand painted, but at the time I was unable to scan it, and it seemed a shame not to put the picture on this website 'cos I like it a lot. Purrhaps not surprisingly, the water and the reflection were pretty tricky to do...

Whitewolf July 2002 (46k)

This picture was, not surprisingly, drawn for Whitewolf. A very talented artist, she has a website with loads of artwork, not just furry art, and details about art for sale. She also drew this commissioned picture for me!

(Whitewolfs copyright belongs to herself)

Cybre September 2002 (44k)

Cybre is the creator of Cybre Designs and draws very impressive, very cute furry art.

(Cybre's copyright belongs to Heather Wasneuski)

Gothic Leana October 2002 (37k)

Coloured with watercolours, drawing inks, marker pens and watercolour pencils. Leana, my snowkitten twin, had been hassling me for ages to draw her wearing goth style clothes, so....

Orona Red Daydreaming November 2002 (37k)

Another picture of Orona Red. (The first pic is here.) This was drawn as a surprise picture and coloured on bonfire night. The contents of the thought bubble were rendered in Imagine.

(Orona Reds copyright belongs to himself)

Ailee November 2002 (46k)

This was my entry for the Darkfurr Vision of the Year 2002 competition. It is a picture of another of my kitty characters, named Ailee.

Christmas Picture 2002 December 2002 (60k)

This picture was drawn, as the title kinda hints, for Christmas 2002. It was drawn on cartridge paper, and coloured with pencil crayons, water colour pencils and felt tip pens. And the snowkitten starring in the picture is my twin, Leana.

Sasha Dar January 2003 (38k)

Sasha was drawn for Maltrayfox and her copyright belongs to Paul McDonnell, aka Maltrayfox.

Eliki Painting March 2003 (40k)

And of course, this is another picture of me (Eliki) painting something strange and mysterious no doubt.

Eliki Carrying Leana March 2003 (35k)

Coloured using ink washes on cartrdige paper.This of course, is me (Eliki) carrying my twin sis Leana (for no purrticular reason). Awwww, ain't she cute? ;)

Kelsk March 2003 (32k)

A picture drawn for Kelsk and I think the moral of the picture is 'move it or lose it...' ;)

(Kelsk's copyright belongs to himself)

Leana Sitting April 2003 (41k)

And once again, Leana hinted and hinted for me to draw her in her goth clothes...

Tarin June 2003 (36k)

Another picture drawn for Maltray, of Tarin, and he now owns the original artwork.

(Tarins copyright belongs to Paul McDonnell)

Russet July 2003 (33k)

Awww how cute. A hand coloured picture drawn specially for Russet, done with inks and watercolour pencils. He now owns the original artwork.

(Russets copyright belongs to his player)

Kashyfox August 2003 (33k)

A hand coloured picture drawn for Kashyfox, done with watercolours. He now owns the original artwork.

(Kashyfox's copyright belongs to his player)

Jarret November 2003 (33k)

My entry for the Darkfurr Vision of the Year 2003 competition, this time featuring another of my kitty characters, Jarret. (Twinsis to Ailee)

Leana and Andrina January 2004 (35k)

Mischevious Miss twinsis Leana and best friend Andrina. Handcoloured with inks and watercolours.

Loganberry January 2004 (37k)

And this mystical bunny picture is of Loganberry, originally drawn to form part of his story profile.

(Loganberrys copyright belongs to himself)

Silhouette/Silver February 2004 (44k)

This picture is of Silver/Silhouette, the skunk assassin who has been featured in the stories written by Maltrayfox.

Leana Reading March 2004 (27k)

Piccy of Leana reading a book. This took a long time to do as the background was rendered in 3D.

Snowkitty Kids March 2004 (40k)

Inkwash picture of the 5 main snowkitten characters (Leana, Eliki, Jarret, Ailee and Andrina) as kids, which is part of a possible side project that I might turn into some sort of online comic. There are also 3 other characters in this picture, Loganberry, Entei-rah and Russet (whose copyright belongs to their players)

Cybernet3000 April 2004 (43k)

The title says it all really. This was drawn in return for a picture that Cybernet drew of me.

Cybernet3000s copyright belongs to himself

Birthday Leana March 2004 (33k)

This hand painted picture was used on various birthday cards in 2004.

Leana with bubbles May 2004 (46k)

This picture is intended as a follow up, of sorts, to an earlier picture known as Eliki with bubbles.

Kalia August 2004 (50k)

Kalia the snowleopard is another of my characters, and he owns the secondhand bookshop which Leana works in. (Another picture of which is available here.) He has made an appearance in my story (chapter 11) and one of the chapters in Russets stories.

Band picture 1 September 2004 (50k)

First of 2 pictures featuring an electro-pop band called Night Lights that originated from Phoenixbrook. (the town I created for my characters) Here we have Koreen on synths (Koreen is Eliki and Leanas mother, and this is the first time I have drawn her. Unsurprisingly she does look quite a lot like Leana) The singer is Tamyra, and the guitarist is Heather.

Band picture 2 September 2004 (42k)

And here we have Iyisha on drums and Kerrin on bass.

Leana and Koreen October 2004 (52k)

Cute little piccy of Leana as a little kitten being hugged by her mum, Koreen.

Ailee - Darkfurr 2004 October 2004 (59k)

My other entry for Darkfurr Vision of the Year 2004 this time featuring Leanas rival, Ailee.

Ailee and Eliki Prom Night November 2004 (49k)

A scene where the title says it all really, except that I need to mention it is yet another as yet unwritten scene from my story.

Christmas Bunny December 2004 (48k)

Yes, its the Christmas bunny being hassled during her busy work by Leana and Eliki. (as kiddy kitties) The background was made in Vue.

Christmas 2004 December 2004 (52k)

Yep, its the snowkitten characters as kids again, and this image was used for my 2004 Christmas card.

Jarret and Russet January 2005 (40k)

A scene inspired by the last chapter in Russets Phoenixbrook based story, where he and Jarret clashed with a monumental sword fight - a scene that just had to be drawn.

Russets copyright belongs to himself.

Eliki's Studio February 2005 (61k)

Eliki in his art studio in Phoenixbrook. The background was rendered using Cinema4D (with thanks to Loganberry for providing the software!) and a bit of help from the Amigas Imagine software to create a few of the models.

Andrina And Leana Vows February 2005 (68k)

Yep, this is another unwritten scene from the story I'm working on, and the quote in the picture is from a snowkitten vow - sort of like a wedding vow but not quite the same. The quote is only part of the whole vow though.

Andrina On The Wall March 2005 (52k)

Andrina from when she was at college.

Leana Sitting Pretty March 2005 (44k)

Leana wanted something special for her birthday hence this picture.

Easter Bunny March 2005 (44k)

Positioning all those 3D eggs was a nightmare.

Ailee Celtic Border March 2005 (44k)

First of a series of 5 celtic bordered pictures of the 5 main snowkitten characters, this of course being Ailee.

Leana Celtic Border March 2005 (46k)

Leana this time, in the next of the celtic bordered series of snowkitten pictures.

Eliki Celtic Border March 2005 (46k)

And this one of course is Eliki from the celtic bordered series of pictures.

Andrina Celtic Border March 2005 (50k)

And this is Andrina, from the celtic bordered series of pictures.

Jarret Celtic Border March 2005 (45k)

Last of the celtic bordered series of pictures, this is Jarret.

Leana With Ribbon April 2005 (52k)

Well okay, there is another one in her hair but even so...

Ailee Pentagram May 2005 (70k)

Even goth kitties like to pose. This is a picture of Ailee from when she was at college.

Koreen Singing May 2005 (64k)

Koreen, the twins mother, plays the keyboards for her band Nightlights, and though Tamyra does most of the lead vocals, Koreen takes the role of singer on some of the songs.

Jarret & Ailee June 2005 (82k)

The dark snowkittens, Jarret and Ailee - first time I've drawn both of the twins in the same picture.

Jarret Moonlit Sea June 2005 (77k)

This version replaces an older picture, since deleted. I liked the pose of the character and didn't want to waste it.

Nightlights Band Photo June 2005 (146k)

Big picture featuring all 5 members of Nightlights, in which Koreen (Eliki and Leanas mother) plays synths and other keyboards. From left to right the characters are Koreen (keyboards), Tamyra (vocals), Heather (guitar, and the band member everyone seems to fall in love with...), Kerrin (bass) and Iyisha (drums).

Jarret Holding Ailee June 2005 (60k)

A rarely seen side of Jarret, but then if there is one thing in his life that he truly cares about and will protect at all costs, it is his snowkitten twin Ailee. This is, once again, a scene planned for my snowkitten story.

Ailee Spellcasting 2 June 2005 (60k)

Originally the pose was used for Ailees old website profile. I liked the pose a lot so I decided to completely recolour it.

Ailee & Keryan July 2005 (83k)

Okay, this is a bit of an experiment. At the moment I have no plans to include in my story, a kitten born to me and Ailee. However, I wondered what kinda fur colouring etc such a kitten might have, and this is the result.

Maltrayfox July 2005 (70k)

Maltrayfox in his new colours, very much blue and white rather than the more typical fox colours seen in earlier pictures of him. :)

(Maltrays copyright belongs to Paul McDonnell)

Koreen Singing 2 July 2005 (76k)

Yep, another picture of the snowkitten twins mother, Koreen, in her band Nightlights.

Ailee Sophisticat July 2005 (80k)

Ailee does her 'rich bitch' impression. Not that its necessarily an impression either...

Leana Lightning July 2005 (79k)

Leana spellcasting. What more need be said?

Andrina Donut Queen July 2005 (69k)

Yes, Andrina loves her donuts. A little too much sometimes.

Heather Glamourous July 2005 (67k)

Heather the guitarist from Nightlights (the band the snowkitten twins mum plays keyboards for)

Leana Spellcasting July 2005 (78k)

Heed the warning...

Dawn August 2005 (56k)

Dawn is the first reindeer I've drawn, and is copyrighted to NuclearNinja.

Heather With Guitar August 2005 (75k)

Another pic of Heather from Nightlights.

Leana Minidress August 2005 (61k)

Another of those pictures which has a name that says it all really.

Leana In Headband August 2005 (57k)

And again, not much can be added to the subject description.

Leana Andrina Wedding Photo August 2005 (94k)

A much later (as yet unwritten) scene from my snowkitten story.

Raquel August 2005 (70k)

Fan art of a character from House OF LSD (a really good online comic, but beware the adult content!) called Raquel. The picture was drawn for the comics creator, J3T. She of course, owns copyright to the character and was kind enough to allow me to put the picture on this site. :)

Andrina Reading August 2005 (78k)

Reading a photo album...?

Shopping Kitty September 2005 (63k)

First of 2 pictures I drew to send to the Furtopia staff for part of their Arts For Kids community project, where the staff and artists visit children in hospital. (And donated artworks are given to the children and hospitals, along with toys, etc)

Black Cat Holding Her Kitten September 2005 (60k)

And the 2nd of 2 pictures for the Arts For Kids community project.

Keryan September 2005 (70k)

Another picture of Keryan, Ailees kitten.

Heather Photoshoot September 2005 (60k)

Heather from Nightlights, a picture from a magazine photoshoot?

Leana On Back October 2005 (60k)

Yes, it seems she may well be.

Leana Hand Across Hair October 2005 (59k)

Leana likes to pose, and who can blame her? I'm sure everyone does from time to time.

Ailee On Back October 2005 (72k)

Even gothical snowkittens like to conjure up nice things sometimes.

Lila & Kila November 2005 (64k)

These two vixens are copyrighted to Jim Russo, and this picture is my half of an art trade which we agreed to do. (The picture Jim sent me is here!)

Leana Sleeping November 2005 (56k)

Awww, isn't she cute? Just don't wake her, thats all. ;)

Ailee Spellcasting 3 November 2005 (80k)

It sometimes seems best to leave Ailee well alone...

Loganberry On Grass November 2005 (60k)

An anthro version of a very close friend, Loganberry, this time not wearing the mystical robes that he wears in Russets stories.

Loganberry's copyright belongs to David "Loganberry" Buttery.

Jarret With Gun December 2005 (51k)

Jarret is a master of just about every weapon you can name and a good deal more you can't.

Jarret Spellcasting December 2005 (47k)

And (see above) Jarret also happens to be pretty handy with spells too.

Christmas 2005 December 2005 (70k)

As the title suggests, this was the pic used on the 2005 Christmas card.

Entei-rah Sitting January 2006 (53k)

What more can be said really? I thought it had been far too long since I did a picture of Entei-rah, a close friend of mine. :)

(Entei-rah's copyright belongs to himself)

Andrina Head On Paw January 2006 (48k)

Could a red haired kitty possibly get any cuter? =^_^=

Leana Alleycat February 2006 (95k)

Cutest Leana picture in the world? Well, she seems to think so and who is gonna argue? ;)

Snowkitten Ancestors March 2006 (150k)

As the title suggests, these are a couple of Eliki & Leana's ancestors. This picture is set about a thousand years before my story starts. The Phoenix river can be seen on the left, and the city walls just behind the snowkittens is the beginnings of what later becomes Phoenixbrook.

Chirri March 2006 (65k)

Chirri is a somewhat cute cheetah who will be an important part of my story eventually.

Leana With Facemask March 2006 (68k)

What does this strange facemask signify or do? Maybe one day you'll find out...

Andrina In Jeans March 2006 (60k)

Yes, its all true. Kittys like to groom.

Leana Climbing March 2006 (73k)

Ahh, but climbing towards what...?

Eliki And Loganberry April 2006 (60k)

First time I've tried drawing a combined anthro/non-anthro pic, which I've wanted to try for quite a while.

Loganberrys copyright belongs to his player.

Selena April 2006 (67k)

Selena is a silver-white furred husky who I met during a brief time at Furjournal, and yes, those wings certainly did take a long time to colour!

Selenas copyright belongs to her player.

Leana Yellow Lighting May 2006 (76k)

As ever, it is better to keep Leana on your side if at all possible. (This image is available as a desktop wallpaper on the Goodies page.)

Snowkittens May 2006 (113k)

All 5 snowkittens in one picture. Be afraid. Though this is listed above as May 2006, it was actually drawn around August 2005, but was only ever on the site as a desktop wallpaper (on the Goodies page) until now.

Heart-brothers May 2006 (67k)

Heart-siblings was a concept created by Loganberry and it seemed the ideal title for this picture.

The copyright for Loganberry and Cybernet3000 belong to themselves.

Andrina (Birthday 2006) January 2006 (61k)

The image used for the birthday card I sent out to friends during 2006.

200th Picture Uploaded May 2006 (115k)

Yep, this is the 200th picture to be uploaded as part of this website. Only took 5 years to get there... ;) You would not believe how long this one took to colour.

Jarret With Skulls May 2006 (54k)

An attempt to do something a little bit darker than usual in a picture of Jarret. Human skulls in a furry picture? Well, I am an artist so... ;)

Enigma May 2006 (78k)

Enigma is the red haired panda who works for Jarret and Ailee at their bar/club, the Burrow. (See chapter 2 of my story if you're wondering what the heck I'm babbling on about.)

Loganberry Hugging Eliki June 2006 (55k)

Again, what can be added to the title really? A sort of accompanying piece for the previous picture and likewise Loganberry is a very close friend which was something that needed to be shown with this image.

Loganberrys copyright belongs to himself.

Enigma And Fenesk June 2006 (60k)

Another pic of the pandagirl who works at Jarret and Ailee's club in my story. Fenesk is her fox husband.

Summer Beach Party 2006 June 2006 (250k)

BIG picture with the most people in it that I've ever drawn - 11 in total. I think the title is self explanatory enough. All in all just a bit of fun.

Copyrights of Loganberry, Russet, Entei-rah, Cybernet3000 and Maltrayfox belong to themselves.

Eliki & Cybernet Synthpop Duo July 2006 (80k)

Eliki and Cybernet team up in an attempt to make a go of it as a synthpop band.

Copyright of Cybernet3000 belongs to himself.

Celtiberry July 2006 (70k)

Celtiberry is a magical bunny with healing powers and she apparentley is also a story teller. She does also have feathery multicoloured wings but they aren't always visible, as is the case with this picture.

Copyright of Celtiberry belongs to Befrafa.

Chesters At Night August 2006 (136k)

Chesters is the antiques shop mentioned in chapter 5 of my snowkitten story. I decided that rendering it as if it was night time would give it a slightly more peaceful, haunting atmosphere. Leana loves looking at all the strange things for sale.

The Twilight Wheeker August 2006 (77k)

A mysterious character belonging to a friend, who asked if I could draw her. The Twilight Wheeker is a dark, scheming, magical guinea-pig, shown here with her sword... whose name is later to be revealed.

Copyright for The Twilight Wheeker belongs to herself.

Nightlights 2028 August 2006 (198k)

Another big picture, this time of Nightlights, the band that Leana and Eliki's mother plays in. This image is meant to be of Nightlights onstage at the time my story is set.

Kerys And Midenko September 2006 (83k)

The cute bunny in this picture asked if I'd allow her to commission me to draw this picture of her and her cheetah boyfriend. I don't normally do commissions, but I decided to give this one a try, and in fact its the first one I've ever done.

Copyright for Kerys & Midenko belong to their players.

Halloween 2006 October 2006 (100k)

Trick or treat. Well, if its Leana asking, its easier to just hand over the treats, trust me.

Chirri In Shorts October 2006 (51k)

And why not, thats what I say? Chirri is a character who will appear in my snowkitten story at some point.

Leana With Butterfly October 2006 (85k)

A picture that (to me at least) conjures up an image of Spring. Ironic when drawn in the winter, but sometimes you just have to.

Leana Christmas 2006 November 2006 (86k)

One of 2 Christmas pics, this isn't the one I've used on this years Christmas card. But I wanted something for the home page and this seemed ideal.

Rune and Danae November 2006 (65k)

These two cute characters are Rune and Danae, both created by Rune herself - the white furred mink on the left. Danae has featured in a few pics I did for art trades from earlier this year.

Copyrights for both characters belong to Rune.

Teenage Keryan December 2006 (84k)

This is meant to be Keryan aged around 18 or thereabouts. (She was also drawn, as a much younger child, here and here) She is meant to be Ailee and Eliki's kitten, though it has not yet been decided if she turns up in my story.

Christmas 2006 December 2006 (126k)

This was the picture used for the 2006 Christmas card.

Eliki, Ailee and Keryan On A Beach December 2006 (90k)

Not likely to fit in with my story, this is just a scene drawn for the fun of it. It isn't meant to be any specific location or time. It is also intended to replace the picture I did for Jay Naylor in 2004 - I liked the pose but had personal reasons for removing that one.

Ailee In Doorway December 2006 (89k)

Who knows what ominous thoughts may be going through her head right now?

Rooyera (Version 2) December 2006 (142k)

This is an improved version (in my opinion at least) of a picture I did back in 2004 and was drawn specially to accompany a wonderful poem written by a special friend, Loganberry. The text is reprinted underneath the actual picture as well as an English translation. (The poem is written in Lapine incidentally and if you want to find out a whole lot more about the lapine language, take a peep at Loganberrys Bits 'n' Bob-stones website!)

The poems copyright belongs to Loganberry

Ailee's 18th Birthday January 2007 (95k)

As the title implies, this is Ailee on her 18th birthday, with the outfit she chose for the special ceremony during which she would have received her snowkitten jewellery.

Dr Mew January 2007 (143k)

Evil pun and a homage, of course, to the Tom Baker incarnation of Doctor Who.

Keryan & Matthew On A Beach January 2007 (120k)

This is Keryan as a teenager, with a shy bunny called Matthew (who is her childhood sweetheart.)

Andrina By Lamp Post February 2007 (123k)

Diamonds are a girls best friend and all that.

Jarret With Graffiti February 2007 (70k)

Jarret may not be much of a graffiti artist, but who is gonna tell HIM that?

Snowkitten Girls Dancing March 2007 (140k)

Snowkitten girls just wanna have fun. Except that Ailee won't be outdone by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Andrina vs The Donuts March 2007 (136k)

I think the text on this one says all that needs to be said.

Ciara April 2007 (84k)

Ciara is a swift fox in a story written by Rabbitswift. (Who of course owns the copyright to Ciara.)

Bedtime Story April 2007 (82k)

Keryan loves her bedtime storys, especially Sockratees. This cute picture idea was thought up by Cybernet3000!

How Things Change April 2007 (93k)

Small explanation - the grey furred bunny is Matthew, who is Keryan's childhood friend, and later to be her childhood sweetheart. Even if neither of them would admit it at first. Yeah, we've all been there.

Birthday Card 2007 January 2007 (100k)

Image used for the birthday card 2007, as the title may subtly suggest. The text above the image said 'Ailee is at her most dangerous when shopping' How true.

Raining Donuts May 2007 (76k)

Picture done specially for Entei-rah (who of course owns copyright to the character) after something he said on LJ triggered the idea. Resisting biting the monitor while creating this image was difficult to say the least.

Cybernet Working Hard On Assignment May 2007 (136k)

Drawn following Cybernets suggestion and it just about sums up the feeling most people (me included) have towards assignments.

The copyright to Cybernet 3000 belongs to himself.

Jarret Lifting Keryan May 2007 (86k)

Rare as it is to see Jarret actually enjoying himself and looking happy, he loves his niece Keryan a great deal. And if anyone can snap him out of his perpetual gloom, she can.

Bunny Fairy June 2007 (115k)

Bunny fairys are always up to something. This one, following Loganberry's suggestion, is named Farella.

Inkwash Leana Portrait June 2007 (60k)

I hadn't done an inkwash picture for a long time, but as Loganberry mentioned recently, it can give a very nice effect, though it does take a long time.

Picnic Leana Style June 2007 (173k)

Certain cheeky little snowkittens seem to like playing around with their magic from time to time.

Keryans 18th Birthday June 2007 (154k)

As with a few previous pics, this is Keryan at her special 18th birthday ceremony, when she would receive her snowkitten bracelets and necklace. (See here for more details)

Do The Bunny Hop June 2007 (120k)

The result of Loganberry (who owns the copyright to the bunny doing the fine dance in this picture) planting an idea in my head that just had to be drawn. Andrina just loves dancing. ;)

Ailee Makes A New Friend June 2007 (94k)

Awwww, doesn't she look sweet as a little kitten, playing with the cute li'l beasty? ;)

Pillow Fight July 2007 (94k)

What kittys get up to when nobody is looking and they should be asleep.

Ailee In The Cathedral July 2007 (94k)

Little experiment along the lines of 'a picture can tell a story.'

Leana At The Bookshelf July 2007 (250k)

In my story (available here) The Bookshelf is mentioned several times as the second hand bookshop which Leana works in. (It is owned by Kalia, who features in another picture of the shop available here.)

Keryan And Matthews Wedding Photo July 2007 (225k)

I'd guess this would be about 15 years after my story starts, and Keryan always did vow to wed her childhood sweetheart one day. Some things change, and some things don't. If you thought Andrina got over-excited at fairly ordinary things, just imagine her at a wedding...

Heather With Synthguitar July 2007 (98k)

Heather, from Nightlights, around the time they were finally signed.

Koreen Playing Synth Solo July 2007 (85k)

Koreen, from Nightlights, and mother to Leana and Eliki. The picture is meant to be from around the time the band were finally signed.

Leana Watching Sunset July 2007 (119k)

I wanted something calm and peaceful to colour, and this seemed a good choice. It isn't Phoenixbrooks main suspension bridge. This is one of the smaller ones...

Anything You Can Do August 2007 (68k)

Never let Keryan near a trampoline. Especially if there is someone else on it.

Koreen With The Twins August 2007 (93k)

Just a bit of cute silliness.

Lonely Nights August 2007 (100k)

This is meant to be 'set' before Enigma met her husband-to-be Fenesk, around when she was at university.

300th Picture August 2007 (170k)

Or certainly the 300th to be put on this website. Scary thought really.

Travelling Bunny September 2007 (112k)

Loganberry (who of course owns the copyright to hisself) on his way to a mystery destination? The station platform is a tiny part of the Phoenixbrook station.

Niamh September 2007 (102k)

Niamh is a rabbit character from a story by Rabbitswift, who also owns the copyright to the character.

Halloween 2007 October 2007 (100k)

Subtitled Trick or Trick. Jarret and sharp objects are a wonderful mixture.

Andrina Bored Of Posing October 2007 (96k)

And when Andrina gets bored, she gets silly. Well, even more silly than usual.

Gothic Rune October 2007 (90k)

Rune, who of course owns the copyright to this character, in a gothic outfit. As the title kinda suggests in fact.

A Quiet Goodbye November 2007 (149k)

A picture that needs no explanation really, beyond the fact that it forms part of my story, though that hasn't been written yet.

Ailee Posing In T-shirt November 2007 (150k)

Heed the warning on the shirt...

Leana In Churchyard November 2007 (185k)

Another of the pictures that forms an as yet unwritten part of my snowkitten story.

My Face Is Up Here November 2007 (127k)

Says it all really.

Leana Christmas 2007 November 2007 (60k)

One of this years Christmas pictures, of course.

Christmas 2007 November 2007 (140k)

And this is the picture I used for the 2007 Christmas card.

So Much For The Diet January 2008 (85k)

Collared. Caught in the act. Nicked. Nabbed. And so on.

Ailee New Years Gift January 2008 (75k)

For her fans eyes only of course.

Eliki & Leana In The Clearing January 2008 (100k)

A scene (which might or might not end up in my story) from when the twins were very young kittens.

SJ January 2008 (73k)

SJ belongs to her creator, Stevie, who wrote to me last year to ask for some information about my pictures etc.

Enigma Portrait January 2008 (95k)

Seems like a while since I drew Enigma, and that seemed a shame seeing as she is fun to draw.

Valentines 2008 February 2008 (94k)

More sugary than a bag of donuts? Well maybe but hey! Ahh, things seem so much simpler at that age.

Leana Spellcasting 2 February 2008 (86k)

To say the least!

Andrina Kneeling February 2008 (125k)

I decided on a blue background, since Andrina's main snowkitten power is meant to be based around water.

Ailee Spellcasting 4 February 2008 (87k)

And loving every minute of it no doubt.

Pulling Tails Is Pushing Your Luck March 2008 (103k)

And some kitties are just too naughty for their own good. (This is part of a small series of pictures - the various parts to the series are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Please note that aside from the first picture, the rest are 'mature' rated.)

Keryan Portrait March 2008 (110k)

Keryan, daughter to me and Ailee, aged about 18.

Andrina Under Blanket April 2008 (78k)

And sleeping peacefully too, no doubt, or at least she was until somebody sneaked in with a flashlight to do a bit of night time sketching...

Ailee Minidress April 2008 (97k)

Though to be fair, much of Ailee's clothing tends to consist of minidresses. But that's the way it is.

Leana Flashy Spells April 2008 (100k)

In more ways than one...?

Keryan Portrait 2 April 2008 (108k)

As with the previous one, this is Keryan, daughter to me and Ailee, and in this picture she would be aged around 18.

Birthday 2008 January 2008 (65k)

The image used for the 2008 birthday card.

Keryan Carried May 2008 (95k)

This may or may not end up as a scene in my story but for now at least, I'm leaving this one to the imagination.

Ailee In Jeans Portrait May 2008 (95k)

It isn't rare to see a portrait of Ailee, but does seem to be rare to find a picture of her wearing anything other than dresses.

Chirri Singing June 2008 (100k)

Chirri left Phoenixbrook (as will eventually be detailed in my story) to become a singer in a synthpop band in Ritore. So I couldn't resist taking the chance to draw him on-stage singing.

Ailee In Jeans Portrait 2 June 2008 (95k)

And of course that just might be what the picture happens to be of.

Sugar Plum Fairy Ailee June 2008 (80k)

A picture inspired from a recent email conversation with a friend. He may or may not be in hiding at the moment. ;)

Oh Great Another Rip June 2008 (99k)

She seems to get through so many of those things.

The Pure Magick Shop July 2008 (110k)

This shop features in my story and, in that story, is owned by a close friend and bunny called Loganberry. (Who is of course owner of the copyright to the character.)

Ailee In Fishnets July 2008 (80k)

Which of course, she is.

You Know What You Can Do With Your Size Zeroes July 2008 (85k)

Andrina speaks the truth.

Andrina Leana After Prom July 2008 (110k)

A scene that might take place in my snowkitten story eventually.

Cheerleader Leana July 2008 (89k)

Leana loves to hold big pompoms. Actually, I was a bit surprised that I hadn't drawn any pics of her as a cheerleader before, with the slight exception of the 2006 Christmas card. Still, tis done now.

Ailee The Lion Tamer July 2008 (100k)

Alledgedley this is what became of the last person to put a comment to Ailee that she didn't like...

Close Your Eyes And Tell Me What You See August 2008 (100k)

The twins (Eliki and Leana, plus Ailee and Jarret) share a strange link that allows them, up to a point, to sense each others feelings and thoughts. This picture is meant to be Eliki and Ailee giving that a test, I suppose.

I Can See You August 2008 (85k)

Leana loves exploring the many old buildings around her home city of Phoenixbrook, and hiding in them waiting for unsuspecting passers-by to surprise.

Any Last Words Eliki Snowkitten August 2008 (74k)

There are times when it is considered a very good idea to burn certain sketches...

Paula At The Bridge Cafe September 2008 (125k)

Paula is the wolfette who owns the Bridge Cafe. Both the cafe and Paula turn up from time to time in my story. If her hair reminds you of Andrina, that is because she loved the way Andrinas hair looked and had it done in the same style.

Somebody's Happy! September 2008 (95k)

As for when this happens (future, past or present) and just what the story behind this is, who knows? I expect we'll find out one day.

Bath Buns September 2008 (108k)

An intentionally romantic picture and the two bunnies are Tiarne on the left and Sian on the right.

Ailee Playing Rough October 2008 (105k)

And therefore perhaps it might not be a good idea to rub her tummy just yet.

At The Black Country Museum October 2008 (110k)

The photo in the background was taken when me and a close friend, Loganberry, (who of course owns the copyright to himself - the bunny on the left) visited the Black Country Museum earlier in 2008. The museum is a very nice place in Dudley, where they have preserved loads of old buildings, old fairground rides, etc.

Leana Andrina Bestest Friends October 2008 (92k)

Which they are. Wow, that was an imaginative description! ;)

Keryan Halloween 2008 October 2008 (85k)

Matthew, one day in the future, would eventually become Keryans boyfriend and later, her husband. We just have to hope that by then, he had returned to his original form...

Light And Darkness October 2008 (110k)

I wanted a picture that would show, or at least try to, the contrast between the two characters.

Snowblind - Farewell To Kael November 2008 (90k)

A scene that has yet to be told from my snowkitten story but will hopefully make more sense once it has been told. Kael was a snowkitten killed by the Elysia.

Moonlit Leana November 2008 (77k)

Which of course she is.

Leana Dancing November 2008 (86k)

Leana loves dancing at her favourite nightclub, the Catnip Clib, which plays her favourite synthpop music.

Ailee Pose 1234 November 2008 (75k)

Of course that is just an approximation, and probably far below the actual number.

They Grow Up So Fast November 2008 (80k)

Even at this age, Keryan knows the important things in life. Andrina would be proud.

Leana Christmas 2008 December 2008 (85k)

First of this years Christmas pictures.

Clarissa December 2008 (75k)

A picture I started earlier in the year for someone, but for many reasons the picture was put on hold for a long time. I decided recently that it seemed a shame to waste the picture and finally completed it, changing the characters name.

Ailee Sitting Pretty December 2008 (80k)

Which of course she is, but quite what she is planning is probably better unknown.

Christmas 2008 December 2008 (100k)

The picture used for this years Christmas card. Jarret has never looked happier.

Haha Very Funny December 2008 (70k)

Someone clearly wasn't getting into the party/dressing up mood this time!

Tickled Pink January 2009 (79k)

Because sometimes you just have to.

Headscarf Leana January 2009 (75k)

Which certainly appears to be the case.

Bestest Buddies January 2009 (79k)

And as with the above picture, the title seems appropriate enough here too.

Magnolia January 2009 (80k)

Magnolia is a bunny character who also happens to be the 'pain in the bum' (in his opinion) sister to Matthew. (Matthew is Keryans best friend and eventual boyfriend.)

Keryan Ice Skating March 2009 (85k)

Possibly a dream that Keryan is having, hence the surreal background, but whatever the case Keryan's dream is to one day be a dancer.

Moon Dancing March 2009 (100k)

Possibly a dream sequence from some as yet unwritten point in my snowkitten story.

Burning Bridges April 2009 (131k)

The dark twins, Jarret and Ailee, up to mischief again...

Casting Spells April 2009 (65k)

Leana loves to show off with her spells sometimes.

Ailee Showing Off April 2009 (63k)

Not for the first time of course.

Snowkitten Twins April 2009 (120k)

And they are too you know.

Snowkitten At River Boulevard April 2009 (125k)

The River Boulevard is a pretty place that features now and again in my snowkitten story. Leana loves to walk there, especially during the spring.

Leana In Her Bedroom May 2009 (115k)

Meet Chubbs Bear, Dog, Warped Duck and Ebola Rat.

Birthday Card 2009 January 2009 (90k)

This image was used for the 2009 birthday card.

Leana Portrait May 2009 May 2009 (80k)

I did a portrait for Leana last month, and decided why not do one for this month too. So I did.

Chirri In Bewdley May 2009 (100k)

He certainly gets around, even to other planets. This picture is dedicated to a close friend, Loganberry, who inspired the idea for this picture.

Rooli Roo June 2009 (90k)

Rooli Roo is a hungry bunny and no mistake. He also happens to be copyrighted to Loganberry.

Swimsuits 2009 June 2009 (126k)

Britain may not be getting a lot of sun this year (so far) but at least it seems to be sunny in Aredria!

Chrystian June 2009 (72k)

Chrystian is a snowkitten character created/owned by Yuri Bloodfang, creator of some wonderful stories set in my Phoenixbrook city and snowkitten world.

Leana In Jeans July 2009 (98k)

And who would have thought it, she is too.

Leana Portrait July 2009 July 2009 (100k)

The backdrop to this picture was kindly created by Dragonfox2004.

Serien August 2009 (75k)

Serien is the vixen who has a crush on Leana, after they met during the last chapter of book one from my snowkitten story.

Leana Dreams August 2009 (100k)

And when Leana dreams, they tend to be kind of strange...

Lakeema August 2009 (70k)

Lakeema is a snowkitten character (and also an ancestor of Ailee) created/owned by Yuri Bloodfang, who created some truly wonderful stories set in my Phoenixbrook city and snowkitten world.

Leana With Sword September 2009 (87k)

Maybe from a point as-yet-untold in my story, though I haven't decided for certain yet.

Koreen Playing Synth September 2009 (95k)

Which she does as part of her band, Nightlights.

Huskyteer September 2009 (70k)

A picture of Huskyteer drawn for her birthday, who of course owns copyright to her character.

Happy Ailee October 2009 (74k)

If only this mood could stay around a little longer than usual...

Leana On Beach October 2009 (110k)

And she is. What a miracle.

Halloween 2009 October 2009 (84k)

It would be fair to say that it takes a lot to impress Jarret.

Monday Mornings October 2009 (86k)

No, she isn't a fan of Monday.

Ciara And Embarr November 2009 (107k)

This picture was drawn for Rabbitswift (Veloxfox on Furaffinity) who has many chapters of his wonderful stories available online. Just follow the link to find them on his gallery!

Keryan And Matthew Winter 2009 November 2009 (120k)

Not being a fan of dull, grey winter days, I decided to draw this somewhat brighter looking wintery picture. Keryan and Matthew probably aged about 15 in this picture.

Levriana November 2009 (85k)

Levriana is Ailee and Jarrets mother, and she has featured in my snowkitten story. (Book 2 initially.)

What The Heck Is This Thing? November 2009 (70k)

Its amazing what you can find in Ailees room sometimes.

Ailee In Boots December 2009 (93k)

She likes those boots, but not as much as she likes showing off with spells.

Under The Mistletoe Totally By Accident Of Course December 2009 (150k)

Not for the first time either...

Clarissa Snowkitten December 2009 (98k)

Some time last year I drew a picture of Clarissa. I decided more recently that this character is now a snowkitten, and not just any snowkitten - she is Andrina's mother. (This is why I altered her very slightly - for example the tail is now different.) Her name Clarissa is a shortened version of her real name, Elaklarisa.

On Yer Ed December 2009 (100k)

Even as a small kitten, Ailee was a little scamp.

Christmas 2009 December 2009 (172k)

The picture used for this years Christmas card. As ever Jarret appears to have got himself in trouble...

The Purring February 2010 (138k)

Pity poor Matthew who is due to eventually become Ailee's son-in-law. Hence she plans to catch up with him and offer a little 'advice' shall we say...

Sian And Tiarn February 2010 (120k)

The two bunnies who featured in an earlier picture called Bath Buns.

Mystery Bunny February 2010 (90k)

This mystery bunny has no name, which of course is why she is a mystery bunny. And she is quite pleased about that.

Clarissa March 2010 March 2010 (92k)

Clarissa is Andrina's mother, and... well, here she is.

Leana Playing March 2010 (96k)

Just remember to play nice or she might play noughts and crosses on your back.

Chirri April 2010 April 2010 (80k)

Chirri looking as cute as possible. Will wonders never begin?

Snowkittens April 2010 April 2010 (160k)

Its been a while since I drew one of these group pictures.

Ailee Up To No Good As Usual April 2010 (106k)

Whoever took her last rolo is going to be very sorry.

A Rare Carefree Moment May 2010 (140k)

Even Ailee is allowed to revisit her childhood from time to time.

Erin Tries On Andrinas Clothes May 2010 (93k)

Yuri Bloodfang is the creator of Erin, a very cute snake girl who features in his version of the snowkitten stories. (They can be found on his gallery!)

Jarrets Dreams May 2010 (105k)

Jarret, of course, has dreams that bit stranger than anyone else. More often than not, knowing him, he doesn't mind at all.

Leana Portrait May 2010 May 2010 (103k)

Which it certainly is and that is final.

Niamh In Modern Dress May 2010 (103k)

This picture was drawn for Rabbitswift (Veloxfox on Furaffinity) who has many chapters of his wonderful stories available online. Just follow the link to find them on his gallery! The stories Niamh has featued in so far aren't set in the modern day and age, but we both wondered just what she might look like wearing some of Leanas clothes. And this was the result.

Birthday Card 2010 January 2010 (130k)

The image used for the 2010 card, featuring Keryan and Matthew.

Angelfyre May 2010 (100k)

This picture was drawn for Angelfyre who has lots of 3D artwork on her Furaffinity gallery, well worth a look.

Ready To Pounce May 2010 (142k)

There are just some days when it is impossible to control those feline instincts.

Loganberry's Bits 'n' Bobtails Shop June 2010 (167k)

A picture drawn for a very close friend, Loganberry, with perhaps his most loyal customer (where sweets are concerned), Andrina.

Leana Portrait July 2010 July 2010 (88k)

And it is too.

Keryan's Nightmare July 2010 (89k)

I don't know for sure if this is a scene that will eventually end up in my story, but whatever the case, when Keryan has a nightmare, they're never straightforward.

Escaping The Storm August 2010 (170k)

This picture was drawn for a very close friend Rabbitswift (Veloxfox on Furaffinity) featuring her character Niamh with Eliki, as they escape a storm.

Chirri August 2010 August 2010 (109k)

Posing, as only he knows how.

Leana August 2010 August 2010 (99k)

Another portrait.

Celeste September 2010 (93k)

A picture drawn for Velvetkittie featuring her character Celeste, who could give Andrina a run for her ditzy money.

Flowers For Niamh September 2010 (116k)

Cute little cartoon drawn for Rabbitswift (Veloxfox on Furaffinity) featuring her character Niamh, who likes to eat flowers. Including these ones.

Cabaret Leana September 2010 (99k)

Leana, doubtless up to something.

Daydreaming September 2010 (140k)

A picture was drawn for a very close friend, Entei-rah.

Leana September 2010 September 2010 (110k)

And another portrait, of course.

Light And Darkness October 2010 (147k)

Keryan up to mischief of some sort. Because she is daughter to Eliki and Ailee, both very different snowkittens, the light and dark sides of her personality and instincts show through in equal measure. Or something.

Zinzoline October 2010 (110k)

Another picture drawn for Velvetkittie featuring herself!

Nicole Halloween 2010 October 2010 (72k)

Halloween competition entry for Bloodycelia.

Andrina October 2010 October 2010 (93k)

Another portrait, this time of Andrina.

Leana Can Can Dancer November 2010 (85k)

From an idea suggested by a friend on FA and Deviantart called Awash2002.

Leana November 2010 November 2010 (93k)

And another Leana portrait.

Bums Will Be Kicked For This November 2010 (152k)

Leana may well like to make fun of Ailee by imitating her, but it sometimes pays to make sure that she isn't standing right behind you when you do so...

Evriel And Kittrisse November 2010 (136k)

Two new snowkitten characters who haven't been in my story yet, but they'll find a home there sooner rather than later.

Teaching Keryan A Scottish Dance November 2010 (128k)

Because sometimes you just have to. From an idea suggested by a friend on FA and Deviantart called Awash2002.

Christmas Card 2010 November 2010 (180k)

The image used for the 2010 Christmas card. The bunnys, namely Niamh, Loganberry and Entei-rah, are copyright their respective owners.

Leana Christmas 2010 December 2010 (90k)

Christmas outfit wearing Leana poses once again.

This'll Knock Your Block Off December 2010 (72k)

Sometimes even Leana doesn't know everything.

Last Portait Of 2010 December 2010 (96k)

Indeed it is and was.

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