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All art and characters are copyright Nicky "Eliki" Rowe, except for characters where the owners copyright is mentioned in the relevant description. Please do not redistribute these pictures without permission. Chances are I'll be more than happy to give permission if you ask me :)

Furry Art 2012
Leana January 2012 January 2012 (109 k)

A picture done for a music and art CD that I was putting together for Confurence 2012.

Nightlights Early Years February 2012 (153 k)

This would have been one of their fairly early gigs from before they were signed.

Yes I Know You're Looking February 2012 (110 k)

Ailee has eyes in the back of her hair.

Late Night Spells February 2012 (104 k)

The best sort there could be.

Leana Swirly Dress February 2012 (81 k)

Just a portrait.

Kiwie February 2012 ( k)

Kiwie is a friend over on Furaffinity who does uber-cute artwork in a very unique style, so this was a gift picture just 'cos.

Ailee Loves Books And Books Love Ailee March 2012 (100 k)

And so they should.

Andrina Exclusive Print April 2012 (75 k)

This was done for an auction piece for Confurence. Unfortunately it didn't get any bids whatsoever, so it still remains unsold.

Leana Portrait For Rorschfox May 2012 (92 k)

Rorschfox took a bunch of my prints and the "Andrina Exclusive Print" picture with him to Confuzzled in 2012, so this was done as a thank you gift.

Dark Mirrors May 2012 (83 k)

Keryan up to mischief as always.

Summer Walk June 2012 (129 k)

A friend of mine, Rebby, from FA and other places walking with her friend Kiwie.

Andrina July 2012 July 2012 (89 k)

This portrait marks the point where I started colouring the eyes of the characters in a new style, which I think works a lot better.

Whose Dumb Idea Was This? October 2012 (109 k)

Impossible to say, and it may be better not to.

Leana December 2012 December 2012 ( k)

A portrait done for a friend over on FA.

Christmas Card 2012 December 2012 (121 k)

As the title would suggest, this was the picture I drew for the 2012 Christmas card.

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