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Leana Portrait
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Dark Mirrors Summer Walk Andrina July 2012 Whose Dumb idea Was This?
Leana December 2012 Christmas Card 2012 Leana January 2013 Leana February 2013

Check the furry art page for more art and other goodies. ('Mature' gallery last updated 5th March 2013) Some of my artwork, including exclusives, can also be found on Furaffinity.
Some of my artwork, including some exclusive pics, are also available on Furaffinity

15th August 2014 Decided, after giving it many great and incredible thinks, to remove my Snowkitten story from the website. Writing the story one chapter at a time was causing no end of problems with editing earlier chapters, due to having to edit the story in several online places each time I edited the main DOC files. So I'm removing the story until it's completely finished, whenever that might be!
1st February 2014 After yet another hefty gap, I've completed and uploaded the next snowkitten story chapter, (book 2 chapter 19). Hopefully the next one will be along a lot sooner!
20th March 2013 After nearly 2 years I finally managed to finish and upload the next snowkitten story chapter, (book 2 chapter 18).
5th March 2013 And after a very long gap, due to a family tragedy, I've finally felt able to update the website. Too many new uploads to mention, but check the furry art pages to find the new and not-so-new artwork, in both the standard and mature rated galleries. I also trimmed down a lot of stuff from the Writing pages and removed a bunch of profiles from the various profile pages.
23rd August 2011 Huge (long overdue) update of the galleries, both ordinary and mature rated.
26th July 2011 Uploaded the next chapter of the Snowkitten story - book 2 chapter 17.
4th March 2011 Uploaded a total of 13 new pictures, so rather than list them all here, it would be better to just go take a peep on the main artwork pages. :)

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