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Please note that the art displayed here is intended for mature viewers. All art and characters are copyright Nicky "Eliki" Rowe, except for characters where the owners copyright is mentioned in the relevant description. Please do not redistribute these pictures without permission. Chances are I'll be more than happy to give permission if you ask me :)

Mature Furry Art 2013
Andrina At The Bar January 2013 (72 k)

And once again at the front of the queue.

How To Save The Beach January 2013 (93 k)

If ever you needed to know.

Leana Nudiness February 2013 (68 k)

Just a naughty nudey portrait.

After The Catnip March 2013 (89 k)

Exhausted after causing much mayhem and dancing like a nutloop, Leana falls asleep. Or is she...

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