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Please note that the art displayed here is intended for mature viewers. All art and characters are copyright Nicky "Eliki" Rowe, except for characters where the owners copyright is mentioned in the relevant description. Please do not redistribute these pictures without permission. Chances are I'll be more than happy to give permission if you ask me :)

Mature Furry Art 2012
Damn, It's True! You Don't Get Many Of These To The Pound! January 2012 (95 k)

Andrina likes to take things so literally sometimes.

Some Clothes Just Don't Stretch Far Enough March 2012 (66 k)

It's true, though especially around certain snowkittens.

Ailee Cheeky Pose March 2012 (76 k)

One of a bunch of pictures that were done for Confuzzled prints.

Ailee May 2012 April 2012 (84 k)

As ever, Ailee likes to pose.

Race You There July 2012 (92 k)

This rather cheeky picture is from when Leana was at university, and proves why she was almost always right at the front of the queue when heading for the dining hall.

What A Great View From Here August 2012 (90 k)

Isn't it though?

I Think These Shorts Are A Bit Loose October 2012 (78 k)

Well, that's true enough.

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