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Please note that the art displayed here is intended for mature viewers. All art and characters are copyright Nicky "Eliki" Rowe, except for characters where the owners copyright is mentioned in the relevant description. Please do not redistribute these pictures without permission. Chances are I'll be more than happy to give permission if you ask me :)

Mature Furry Art 2010
Leana And Andrina In Bed January 2004 (56k)


Leana And Andrina Modelling October 2004 (54k)

Some kitties love to show off when they think nobody is looking.

Leana Posing November 2004 (37k)

Leana compromises for nobody.

Eliki And Ailee In Bed February 2005 (58k)

Awww. The softer side of Ailee. A scene wot I haven't written yet from my snowkitten story.

Look But Don't Touch February 2005 (51k)

Heed the warning.

Leana With Book March 2005 (58k)

This is meant to be Leana at college. Yep, she always loved books.

Kita #1 March 2005 (59k)

Kita is a... ummm, adult model. This (and others on this page of her) is a tamer picture.

Leana - Andrinas Birthday Present May 2005 (60k)

Leana wanted (another) special picture to give to Andrina. Nuff said.

Kita #3 May 2005 (50k)

Likewise, another of the tamer pictures from Kitas portfolio.

Ailee On Cushions May 2005 (51k)

Ailee posing again, rare though the opportunity may be to draw her in such a pose.

Lightning & Sukena Snuggling June 2005 (78k)

Awwwwww, cute. Both characters are copyrighted to their players.

Ailee Topless August 2005 (70k)

Ailee isn't shy. Not even on holiday.

Andrina Topless August 2005 (67k)

Andrinas portrait specially done for Leana.

Ailee On Bed August 2005 (52k)

Ailee, once again posing for the 'camera.'

Leana On Blankets August 2005 (48k)

Leana, little tease that she is.

Cybernet In Shorts October 2005 (67k)

Somewhat more 'daring' picture than last time, of Cybernet3000, which was inspired after a comment he made about a recent picture of Leana wearing shorts.

Cybernet3000s copyright belongs to himself.

Leana On Pillows November 2005 (70k)

Slightly more naughty-than-usual pic of Leana.

Ailee With Whip November 2005 (60k)

No, I am not into this kinda stuff, but I thought it would be kinda funny to try out a picture like this and see what Ailee made of it.

Leana Valentines 2006 February 2006 (77k)

Valentines is possibly not Leanas favourite time of year...

Danae March 2006 (63k)

My part of an art trade with Rune, and this is her character called Danae. (The picture I recieved in return is here!)

Ailee On Mirror April 2006 (60k)

It has to be said, that Ailee loves posing.

Ailee Posing On Blanket April 2006 (80k)

I think the above description works just as well for this one somehow. ;)

Eliki Ailee Hugging April 2006 (100k)

Too cute for words? Maybe.

Andrina 'Keep Your Paws Off' March 2006 (70k)

Cute? Teasing? Dangerous? D'you really want to take the risk?

Andrina Get Out! May 2006 (62k)

Andrina doesn't much like people walking in on her at inappropriate moments.

Wish You Were Here? August 2006 (82k)

Slightly naughtier than usual piccy of Leana, this is intended as a kind of summer postcard. (I couldn't resist adding that little Andrina head) If you're wondering why the tree is reflecting in the sand, thats 'cos it is meant to be a strange reflective sand from the far end of the Magview beach. (A popular tourist spot in northern Aredria)

Leana In Nightie July 2006 (41k)

Second in a series of pics of the snowkitten girls in their nightware. Awwww.

Andrina With Hearts July 2006 (58k)

Third and last in a series of pics of the snowkitten girls in their nightware. Aww, isn't she cute?

Ailee On Clifftop July 2006 (56k)

Just got this photo back from Ailee's holiday snaps and she insisted it go on the site so...

Cybernet On Blanket October 2006 (44k)

Pic of Cybernet who asked for a pic like this, a kinda arty pose, and it was a very interesting idea so here it is. Naturally, he owns the copyright to his character.

Eliki On Blanket October 2006 (45k)

And as with the above 2 pictures, here is one of myself. Not that, like Jarret, I would normally do such poses but there we are.

Ailee On Bed December 2006 (86k)

Ailee, doubtless thinking thoughts bordering on vanity. But heck, she can be forgiven for being so cute. And where did she get that golden cat...?

Enigma And Fenesk Under Sheet December 2006 (92k)

Slightly naughtier picture than usual of the panda girl and her fox husband, who feature in my story.

Ailee Lit Up December 2006 (97k)

I think I'd best go into hiding. ;) This was the original card idea for 2006 but was considered just a bit too naughty. ;)

Chirri In Lake January 2007 (77k)

Some cheetahs have no shame. Especially when they think nobody is watching.

Andrina Breast Cancer Charity Appeal April 2007 (114k)

Pic drawn to hopefully attract attention to a website that helps the Breast Cancer charity. Below the picture are details of the very simple, FREE way you can help the charity.

Chirri Posing In T-shirt May 2007 (68k)

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Once again it has to be said that some cheetahs have no shame.

Nuts To Dignity July 2007 (91k)

Leana deals with the important things in life first.

Ailee With Roses July 2007 (83k)

Its been said before and it'll be said again, but Ailee does love posing.

Stupid Sodding New Dress July 2007 (77k)

Pictures like this are a direct result of eating too many cola bottles.

The Battle Of The Last Custard Cream August 2007 (72k)

Alas, it is all true. Andrina takes her food very seriously, especially when it comes to biscuits.

You Ain't Going Anywhere August 2007 (99k)

She nearly made it to the door, but just wasn't quite quick enough. Shame. ;)

The Dangers Of Shopping September 2007 (92k)

Just a bit of silliness I couldn't resist putting together.

Eliki Ailee Sleeping September 2007 (93k)

And this one is just a bit of cuteness I couldn't resist putting together.

Snowkitten Nudeys (Ailee's Revenge) November 2007 (100k)

Awwwww, cute and silly and all. Why Ailee's revenge? Well, remember this picture from last year...? Not that Leana is overly concerned as usual.

Leana Lifting Top November 2007 (70k)

Cutest kitty in the world? Yep.

Who Will You Be? January 2008 (100k)

Beyond saying that of course this is Ailee when she was pregnant with Keryan, this one is best left to personal interpretation.

Ailee Catwalking January 2008 (84k)

Or maybe not. But she likes to imagine.

ZigZag - Black & White Riding Hood January 2008 (95k)

The character Zigzag belongs, of course, to Max Blackrabbit. Oher than that I don't think there is much else to be said really about this one.

Chirri Dancing March 2008 (84k)

When certain kittys "dance in their pants" their imagination goes into overdrive. Or something.

Ailee's Revenge (Pulling Tails 2) March 2008 (113k)

2nd part to the Pulling Tails series of pictures and a good reminder that Ailee is not a snowkitten to be messed with... (This is part of a small series of pictures - the various parts to the series are 1, 2, 3, 4 5 and 6. Please note that aside from the first picture, the rest are 'mature' rated.)

I Don't Remember Exhibiting This One March 2008 (130k)

Sometimes mischevious just isn't a big enough word...

Ailee By Tree April 2008 (94k)

Luckily the weather was warm that day... ;)

Secrets In The Water April 2008 (150k)

These 2 characters, Niamh (the bunny on the left) and Ciara (the vixen on the right) are characters owned by Rabbitswift. The scene was inspired by a story excerpt he had written called "Secrets In The Water."

Anything You Can Do (Pulling Tails 3) May 2008 (98k)

3rd part to the Pulling Tails series of pics. Generally it just doesn't pay to get your own back on Leana. (This is part of a small series of pictures - the various parts to the series are 1, 2, 3, 4 5 and 6. Please note that aside from the first picture, the rest are 'mature' rated.)

Ailee Under Blanket May 2008 (84k)

I think the old comment that Ailee loves to pose isn't going to be inaccurate any time soon.

Ailee At The Pool May 2008 (170k)

And nobody will ever see her in her perfect nudeyness, in such a secluded place. (A very nice idea for a picture suggested by Loganberry.)

Getting Ready For A Date May 2008 (77k)

Lucky for somebody...?

Might Be Better Not To Ask (Pulling Tails 4) May 2008 (114k)

4th part to the Pulling Tails series of pics. (This is part of a small series of pictures - the various parts to the series are 1, 2, 3, 4 5 and 6. Please note that aside from the first picture, the rest are 'mature' rated.)

Whatever You Do, Don't Laugh (Pulling Tails 5) July 2008 (100k)

5th part to the Pulling Tails series of pics. (This is part of a small series of pictures - the various parts to the series are 1, 2, 3, 4 5 and 6. Please note that aside from the first picture, the rest are 'mature' rated.)

Too Late (Pulling Tails 6) July 2008 (90k)

6th part to the Pulling Tails series of pics. (This is part of a small series of pictures - the various parts to the series are 1, 2, 3, 4 5 and 6. Please note that aside from the first picture, the rest are 'mature' rated.)

What The Hey August 2008 (65k)

Its amazing what a snowkitten can do with a pen and nobody notices till its too late.

Hawaiin Andrina August 2008 (79k)

Just a bit of fun and of course Andrina loved dressing up.

Ailee On The Prowl September 2008 (75k)

I suggest running. Quickly.

I Am So Keeping An Eye On You Bub January 2009 (75k)

Trust me when I say it just isn't worth the risk.

Uhoh I think I Forgot My Handbag February 2009 (98k)

Andrina is ditzy at the best of times.

Are You Trying To Outcurve Me, Mr Bunny? February 2009 (100k)

You can't beat a bit of healthy competition.

Ailee First Pose Of 2009 February 2009 (72k)

Doubtless the first of many...

Ailee Cute Dress April 2009 (71k)

She does like showing off her new outfits.

Oh Go And Stare At Your Own Book June 2009 (89k)

Oh if only it was that simple...?

Heather July 2009 July 2009 (79k)

Heather always was the flirty one from Nightlights. (Synthpop band formed by Eliki and Leanas mum, Koreen)

Pulling Tails Epilogue - Some Cats Never Learn November 2009 (140k)

A year or so ago, I drew a series of pictures under the banner of Pulling Tails. I couldn't quite resist drawing this final picture...

Happy Book December 2009 (82k)

Andrina loves books. And books love Andrina.

Why Do You Always Want Something From The Top Shelf? December 2009 (125k)

To which Andrina would reply "I really couldn't say. Just sheer coincidence of course. Honest." Or something very much along those lines...

Melina Swiftwind January 2010 (90k)

Melina is a friend of mine who happens to be a wolfess, and this picture was the first of 2010.

Should Have Worn Boots January 2010 (72k)

...and a longer dress, or jeans. Still, it isn't the first time Leana went out with highly inappropriate clothing for the time of year.

Trying To Outcurve Each Other February 2010 (104k)

A little game they started up and not for the first or last time, but I can't help thinking that Ailee tends to take it that bit more seriously...

Aw Nuts It'll Take Hours To Find That Jelly Bean Down There February 2010 (91k)

But of course she'll find it, such is Andrina's dedication to the art of food munching.

Keep Those Paws Off My Pom Poms February 2010 (100k)

As if Leana would do such a thing...

Messing Around April 2010 (98k)

Something the 2 girls could probably turn into a career, the number of times they get up to such things.

Why Yes We WOULD Love To Borrow Your Credit Card! April 2010 (120k)

They have the means and skill to get what they want when they want it...

Peekaboob May 2010 (98k)

Because sometimes you just have to.

Andrina Glamourpuss May 2010 (100k)

Andrina doesn't often go for the glamourous look, but even a kitty who normally prefers the casual look deserves to show off from time to time.

Andrina Leana After The Prom 2 May 2010 (130k)

A follow-up to this picture from a few years ago - an important (as yet unwritten) part of my snowkitten story.

Trust Me, Watching Me Wash A Car Isn't That Thrilling November 2010 (106k)

Ailee may or may not know just what she is up to here, but who is going to be brave enough to ask?

Ailee October 2010 Ocrober 2010 (86k)

A see-through dress and Ailee seem to go together so well, and she knows it.

Sweetvixenellie November 2010 (95k)

This cute and curvy picture was drawn for a friend on Furaffinity, Ellie.

Ailee Unwrapping Her Gifts December 2010 (72k)

As is her wont. So thats where she keeps 'em...

Darn I Forgot My Scarf December 2010 (82k)

Anything can happen on an exceptionally busy day.

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