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Eliki Eliki is 1 of just 5 snowkittens in their homeland of Aredria. He has a creative streak that can manifest itself in any number of ways. Alas, his nervous streak also works in much the same way. Part of his nervousness might be due to his severely reduced snowkitten magical powers, which snowkittens tend to rely on quite a bit. Eliki can be very friendly, and also likes to get up to mischief, especially if his twin sister Leana is also involved. However, for the most part he would prefer a fairly quiet life, but with Leana around it could be quite a wait...

Leana Leana is much more confident than her twin Eliki, though thankfully she never acts overconfident. Keen to help if she possibly can, and very friendly, Leana also likes getting up to mischief of all kinds. She doesn't like being messed around at all. Her snowkitten powers are vast and even as just a kid she has pretty much mastered most of them - a factor that helps make sure nobody tends to get the upper paw with her - least of all Ailee who has decided for some odd reason that Leana is some kind of rival to her. Leana and Eliki share a house built into a small hill.

Andrina Andrina is Leanas 'bestest friend in the whole wide world and beyond that and everything' and self confessed addict to sweets of all shapes and sizes. She loves making friends and causing mayhem, in equal measure. This is not helped by her seemingly never ending supply of energy, and maybe she is a bit hyperactive. (Time to lay off the sugar maybe...?) Andrina also gets along with Eliki very well. She is very giggly and silly, and her snowkitten powers seem to have manifested purrticularly as a control of water (with which she can create endless trouble of course...) Andrina lives in a small cottage very near to Leana and Eliki.

Jarret Jarret and his snowkitten twin Ailee are usually up to no good. Jarret doesn't get along very well with other snowkittens, especially not Leana and Eliki. He wants nothing more than to get some kind of revenge on them for having shown him up several times and thwarted his various dodgy schemes. His magic is, like Leanas, pretty powerful compared to most snowkittens, but even so he doesn't have anywhere near the same amount of power that Leana does, something that he is not very happy about at all. He and Ailee live in a small castle on the other side of the town.

Ailee Ailee is little Miss Arrogant, and considers herself to somehow be a rival to Leana, though Leana can't figure out exactly why. She considers herself to be somehow far better than most other people, acting quite snootily sometimes - to the point where she considers it beneath herself to even have her feet touch the ground - instead she kind of floats above it. She and Jarret are often up to various secret plots and schemes usually against Leana and Russet.

Zombie Zombie Skinscoffer may have the rotten luck of being one of the walking dead, but despite his fearsome appearance he is actually 'armless. Though Eliki has yet to meet him in the comic, it will feature in a future storyline and I am assured that it will be dead good. Zombie is, surprisingly, down to earth (rather than under it) and just wants to make friends and join in. He is a green fingered chap and grows some very strange plants in his home at the churchyard. His dream is to one day live in Rotterdam with his Auntie Spleenknibble.

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