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About this comic
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So what IS Snowkitten Kids?

Well, perhaps to nobodies surprise it is an online furry comic, based around a number of characters I created - but with the characters as children instead of adults (which is how they are normally depicted and written about) And the emphasis on the comic is for it to be fun and kinda silly.

And who is "I" then?

Me, moi, myself. I was responsible for stitching together this whole mess/site/comic, which may or may not be a good thing.

How often is the comic published?

Tentatively, we'll say that it is published each Monday. I say tentatively because at the moment, it is very early days and I'm seeing how things go. But I'm attempting to make sure a new page is released each Monday, and if I can keep to that schedule regularly, I'll eventually make it official.

What are snowkittens? Hmmmmmmm?

Snowkittens are strange (Oi! Who wrote that??) magical anthropomorphic kitties, and the ones in this comic all live in a quaint magical town called Phoenixbrook. Of course, not every character to feature in the story will be a snowkitten, though at the moment most of the ones on the profiles page are. That will probably change in time though. And that page is the best place to find out more about each character, of course. There is also a whole heap of other stuff about the snowkittens on my main site. There, you can also find my main story about the snowkittens, as adults rather than children.

I read the stories on your main site. How does the comic fit in with those?

It doesn't. That's told you. The snowkitten story I'm currently writing... well, so far as I am concerned, the storylines and timelines within the main snowkitten story are the definitive ones. The comic is meant to follow its own timelines and therefore if you wonder, "How come things are happening that don't fit in with the other stories," the best thing to do is not worry about it. By keeping the comic outside of the timeline within the other story, it means I have more flexibility to tell the stories any way I want, and that is definitely a good thing. :)

Where did the idea for the comic come from?

I've wanted to do an online comic ever since I first saw Badly Drawn Kitties, Better Days/Original Life and Catena. Those gave me the inspiration to give it a go. I wanted a silly, kinda fun comic and it made sense to use kid versions of characters I had already established. It took quite a bit of experimenting to get the right look that I wanted for kiddy versions of the characters, but the end result was the image near the top of this page. I also made lists of some storyline ideas, some of which have been ditched, and some of which were from years ago.

Of course, another big part of getting this comic going were the ideas and encouragement from quite a few friends. Thank you!

Anything else?

Nope! Not that I can think of anyway. If anyone does read this far without dozing off, well done you, and if you have any other questions, email me and I'll try my best to answer. :) If any of the questions seem purrticularly suited to this page, I might even add them to it.

Page last updated 22nd March 2011